Lorna Florence Shares How Consistency Led Her To Attain Massive Success

Ever since the first time that Lorna Florence worked out, she knew that this is what she was meant to do. Lorna was able to change her perspective on life and found a new appreciation for her body and mind.

For the longest time, Lorna has been conducting personal training sessions with clients all over the world – she says it’s her job to ensure that her clients make a permanent change in their lifestyles, as opposed to treating the sessions as just physical training.

Lorna Florence (Courtesy photo)

Lorna believes that a fitness journey is perhaps one of the most rewarding and invasive processes. That’s because it requires you to bring a change from within – and that is what Lorna aims to do with her clients. She tries to extract as much information as she can in order to identify the client’s goals and shortcomings. She then forms a plan for them and then they work on it together. 

The most important factor in these training sessions is consistency, this is something that many people choose to ignore – and something that Lorna considers her main priority. Consistency can only be achieved if the trainer keeps a close check on their clients and if they actually care about said, client. Lorna’s impeccable training services are the reason why her clients travel all over the world and take her with them – who would want to miss out on such a dedicated trainer? 

Apart from conducting training sessions globally, Lorna is also an Instagram influencer and a fitness model – having modeled for brands like Adidas, Reebok, and Varley. She believes that the modeling aspect of her life is an ode to her creativity and its someone she does to keep her creative spark alive. It also makes sense that Lorna credits her impeccable social and networking skills that allow her to make connections and work with them. She credits her London upbringing for these skills!