This little piggy went to market: Cochon555

They’re back; those delicious, plump heritage pigs will be making an appearance Sunday, August 6 at Cochon555 in Washington DC at the Watergate Hotel. An all out pig out and competition where five chefs (Jon Sybert-Tail Up Goat, BJ Lieberman-Rose’s Luxury, Kosta Kontogiannis-Kingbrid Restaurant, Zach Mills-Wit and Wisdom and Ben Pflaumer-Osteria Morini) create menus featuring the most delectable, tasty and imaginative dishes from their pigs.

In past years dishes have ranged from duck fat brioche, pickled pigs face salad, backbone stew, piggy pie-fat back custard, pig skin all’Amatriciana, crispy Reuben croquette, pasatelli-pork broth with pork fat lemon dumpling and stuffed pork trotter, vindaloo, pork stuffed clams, roast pork pupusa, pork ice cream sandwiches…insane, crazy dishes that work.

Spend Sunday afternoon with Cochon555, an epic culinary experience centered on 1500 pounds of heritage breed pork. Diners feast on dozens of chef-crafted tastings and sip on 40 plus types of boutique wines, craft cocktails and artisanal brews. Think of a gourmet tasting menu taken standing up. A portion of all sales benefit the Piggy Bank Charity.

Created in 2008 in response to the lack of education around heritage breed pigs, Cochon555 is a nose-to-tail competition dedicated to supporting family farmers and educating chefs and diners about the agricultural importance of utilizing Old World livestock. They work with every type of restaurant and bar imaginable – Mom-and-Pop, farm-to-table, BBQ, Michelin star – and our participating chefs all share one core value: they source products responsibly. The Cochon555 epic 2017 culinary tour starts in New York City and culminates with the finale, Grand Cochon.

Cochon555 – Sunday, August 6th  4:30pm to 7:30pm – The Watergate Hotel – Washington DC

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