Learn How Foreign Exchange Market Works  

The foreign exchange market or Forex market is famous for its quick and huge profit ratio. People want to operate here regardless of that they know something about it or not. Foreign exchange market deals in buying, selling, or exchanging the currencies. Forex is decentralized in nature and determines the rates of currencies. Large financial institutes or banks are the major stakeholders of the forex market. For generating positive results it’s good to learn about working of foreign exchange market before trading currencies.

The basic question is that from where and how one can learn about the working of Forex. The answer is very simple, the internet is a very good source of information. Many platforms provide users with the detailed working procedures of forex. It is better to visit some related platforms so at least you must get the basic information about it.

How to learn forex?

A large number of trading platforms are now offering forex trading services and there aren’t any restrictions for users. Everyone can participate and face the consequences whether they are happy or otherwise. The demo accounts greatly help in the understanding of the entire procedure. When you decide to start trading with IQ Option you can enjoy this amazing facility.

In this process IQ Option provides you a demo account with an initial renewable balance which can be used for dummy trades to understand the actual procedure. After this practice, the user can easily participate in real trades and make fortune.

How does forex work?

In the foreign exchange market or forex, the profit is gained through the difference of currency values. A currency is purchased or converted to another currency that has a higher exchange rate and then converted back at a higher conversion rate. For example, a user buys £1 for $1.5 and then sells it back for $1.6. The difference between 1.6 and 1.5 is the profit for the trader. In the same manner, if this process is done with a larger amount the profit will be larger and there is no need to buy any physical commodity. The difference in the exchange rate is the key element that can be used wisely for getting more profit.

Types of Forex Market

Forex trading is not limited to exchanges as it is actually happening between two parties instead of buying and commodity or shares. The foreign exchange market is operated by a large network of banks. Around the globe, four main forex trading centers are located in diversified time zones including Sydney, Tokyo, New York, and London. This diversity of time zones allows the traders for twenty-four hours of trading daily.

Forex market includes the following three types:

  • Spot forex marketing
  • Forward forex market
  • Future forex market

In the first one exchange of currencies happens physically at a set location between the parties and the latter two include the exchange of currencies at a set date and time in the future. The difference between both is that the future forex market is legally binding.

The platforms which offer forex trading list all available currency pairs and the traders can choose according to their plan or situation. In a currency pair, the first currency is called the base, and the second currency is named the quote currency. In the base-quote currency pair, the price is determined by the worth of the base in the quote currency.


Foreign exchange market deals in trading or exchange of currencies and nowadays it is getting much popularity across the world. Different forex trading types are available and it remains operational 24 hours a day. The main factor which controls the market flow is supply and demand like any other financial market.