Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

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We’ve all heard myths about laser hair removal and most of us are confused about the treatment if we haven’t had it before. If you’re currently considering treatment, we have debunked the following common myths for your peace of mind. If you hear other rumours about laser hair removal and are in doubt about the procedure, be sure to contact a reputable clinic for accurate information.

TRUE: Laser Hair Removal Is Affordable.

FALSE: Laser hair removal costs a small fortune. This common myth is likely to have originated when laser procedures first became available for hair removal. Today, laser is an affordable hair removal solution. Particularly when the permanence of the results is factored into your calculation. Regular payments for alternative hair removal methods will add up over time, however your laser hair removal payments will end with the conclusion of your procedures. Over a lifetime of regular hair removal, you will find that you save significantly with laser.

The cost for laser hair removal is based on the size of the area to be lasered. Smaller areas like armpits and upper lips take less time than legs and full backs. This results in smaller areas costing less. As you increase the surface area for laser hair removal, the cost will naturally increase.

TRUE: Your Skin Colour Is Not A Factor.

FALSE: Laser is most effective on light skin. This myth stems from the fact that laser hair removal technology identifies the pigment in the hair and targets it with each laser burst. Early technology was most effective on light skin with dark hair as the pigment was easily identified. However, modern technology allows laser hair removal to be effective on all skin tones.

TRUE: Laser Is Quick.

FALSE: Laser takes a long time. This myth also references laser hair removal history. Early machines took half a day to treat a full body, whereas a modern machine takes only 2 hours. This reduces the time for smaller areas like bikini lines and foot hair to mere minutes. For example, an underarm might take 5 minutes which is perfect for a lunch break appointment.

Different areas of the body have different levels of sensitivity and a waiting time of approximately 6 weeks is required between each treatment. This allows the area to rest between hair removal procedures. Your technician will also slow the procedure or speed it up depending on your personal level of comfort.

TRUE: Several Treatments Are Required For Hair Removal.

FALSE: One laser session is enough for permanent results.In fact, a series of treatments are required to achieve permanent hair removal results. This myth is a particularly optimistic one. While one treatment would be ideal, the hair removal process requires repetition of a laser procedure to ensure that every hair root has been killed during your treatments.

TRUE: Laser Hair Removal Is Safe.

FALSE: Laser hair removal will result in burns and other painful side effects. When conducted by trained aestheticians, laser hair removal is a safe and burn-free procedure with no long-term side effects. Each treatment should be tailored to your individual skin type. Discuss this with your technician for peace of mind. Your technician should also be aware of any medication you may be currently taking or have recently taken. Following your treatment, apply Aloe Vera for its natural cooling properties.

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