Killer Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

Want to design a bathroom you can be proud of? Well, it’s not easy to design a small bathroom. It can be tough. However, going small can save a lot of money. This is because it uses fewer materials and involves less labor. But that doesn’t mean that your small bathroom should be average. You can instill class into it and make it a charming space.

So, if you are looking to inject that extra edge into your bathroom, get it right with your design. Without much ado, here are top bathroom design tips that can make the space classy and elegant.

Don’t Stick then On the Walks

A small bathroom tends to be narrow. So, don’t go for things that tend to stick out from its walls. So, forgo things like towel bars. But if you need one, mount it at the door’s back. Also, consider getting an inbuilt toilet paper holder. Get the best holder. For affordable options, go for black Friday bathroom deals. Also, go for a built-in magazine rack. Stay away from decorative shelves.  These features can take away a sizable amount of space.

Paint the Ceiling

Do you have a small space featuring a tall ceiling? Well, consider painting it with a light blue color. To add more charm into it, add some clouds—they will help draw the much-needed attention.

Clear Shower Enclosures

Want to give your bathroom an illusion that there is more space? Then consider eliminating visual clutter when choosing the bathroom fixtures and materials. Consider clearing the shower enclosures—albeit with minimal hardware. Choose swinging doors instead of bypass ones.

Sconces on the Ceiling

Go creative with lighting. Enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom while making it bigger and classier. Up-light the ceiling with nice wall sconces. Alternatively, you can go for cove lighting. With this strategy, you give an illusion that the ceiling is higher. This makes the space expansive and better. If your bathroom is narrow, consider illuminating the walls with light. It plays a key role in making the space larger.

Mirrored, Recessed Cabinet

What a place to store your medicine but leave your bathroom larger? Well, consider going for a mirrored recessed cabinet for your medicine. It offers a hidden storage space –giving an illusion of a larger space.

Diagonal Floor Tiles

Tiles can be designed to make your bathroom look larger. So, if you want an illusion of a larger room, consider installing them in a diagonal. Plus, they will give your bathroom a square footage appearance.

Two Paint Colors

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to bathroom colors. So, keep things si9mple. Choose at most two colors. Including busy wallpapers, several paint colors, and pattered fabrics will make a space look smaller as well as clattered.

The Bottom Line

Elevate your bathroom today. Make it a charming space. Use the above design tips to inject more class into your bathroom.