Keep a Track of Your Kids’ Instagram Activities with this Simple Tool

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Most parents think that their kids have been exposed to mobile and the internet a bit too early in life. And while they aren’t happy with the situation, it seems almost impossible to deprive them of the new age gadgets especially with the introduction of online schooling. There is ample scope of misuse of the internet. The threat increases further when your kid joins social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Now, although you cannot keep them away from the digital world however you most certainly can keep a check on their online activities. Yes, there is a simple tool that allows you to do so. Let us learn about it in detail!

Keep a Tab on Your Kids’ Online Interactions

Keeping a tab on your kids’ Instagram activities is imperative especially with the increasing risk of cybercrime. Thankfully, Snoopreport allows you to do so. It offers an in-depth report of the account you choose. With this tool, you can see what someone likes on Instagram and keep a track of various other activities they perform on the platform. The data shared by the tool will help you understand where your kids are spending the most time, the kind of posts they like, the accounts they interact with the most, the accounts/ pages they follow, top hashtags in the posts they like, and more. This will help you understand where their interest lies and whether they are on the right track or if there is something you should be concerned about.

Accurate and Easy to Read Reports

The reports generated by the platform are easy to read and interpret. These are prepared to keep in mind that the end-user is not techy. You will get the option to receive the reports every week. You can be sure that the data being shared is carefully extracted and there is no scope of inaccuracy in the reports generated. The tool has been here for quite a long time and is being used by numerous users around the world. While several other Instagram trackers have been launched and disappeared sooner or later, this one has stayed. It has been deemed reliable and user-friendly.

Stay Informed; Guard Better

In order to guard and warn your kids, you first need to have a clear understanding of what exactly they are up to. And when it comes to Instagram, Snoopreport acts as a guiding light. Once, you find out the kind of activities your kids are indulging in and the people they are connecting with, you are better equipped to handle the situation. It is suggested to act only after viewing a few reports and not to judge their interests by a single report. If you see a pattern that needs to be disrupted then go ahead and look for smart ways to tackle the situation.

We hope this piece of information has come as a relief for all your parents out there. Do let us know if you would like to know more about this useful tool.