Jared Seyl Farmers Hail Insurance Announces Colorado as 2nd-Worst State for Hail Damage

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According to Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Colorado district manager, Colorado is the second-worst state for hail damage claims, so he is encouraging insurance holders to consider obtaining coverage for hail damage – especially those living in Colorado.

According to Seyl, who hails from Greenwood Village — located in Denver — the chances of homes and vehicles becoming damaged are quite high in Colorado. In light of the unstable nature of hail storms, it only makes sense for homeowners and automobile owners to make sure that they are covered by insurance through a reputable insurance group, according to Seyl.

Colorado is a part of what is called “Hail Alley,” an area that encompasses not only Colorado but also other hail-prone states. However, even in this alley, Colorado stands out due to the fact that its air is thin at its high elevation, which causes hail to hit harder and fall faster. In fact, research shows that Colorado hail can be as high as 8% more destructive when compared with sea-level hail.

As more people to move to Colorado, especially the Denver area, more automobiles are being damaged in hail storms. Likewise, more homes are being built, and these homes are also experiencing hail damage. In other words, more hail is hitting structures rather than simply hitting the ground today in Colorado. Seyl said this is why pursuing hail insurance coverage is a smart idea.

According to Seyl, vehicle owners can protect themselves against hail damage by parking their cars beneath carports or in garages when possible. Protecting a house from hail is rather difficult, but some roofing companies offer roofing products that are resistant to hail. These products may reduce the amount of damage done to homeowners’ roofs in hail storms. In fact, homeowners who install Class 4 Hail Resistive Roofs may even receive homeowners insurance discounts.

According to Seyl, Farmers Insurance has developed a reputation over the years for contributing to the community in a multitude of ways. For instance, the company offers 50-plus competitive insurance products as well as financial service products aimed at helping people to protect their financial best interests. However, in addition to offering high-quality insurance products to the residents of Colorado, the company has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs to find their niche and experience success in building their own insurance agencies. The insurer makes an effort to provide its agents with the training and support they need through the University of Farmers, a widely recognized organizing focused on delivering award-winning corporate training.

In addition to meeting the needs of customers and agents alike, Farmers Insurance sponsors charities as well as nonprofit programs that support local communities. The insurer offers bilingual bonuses along with a top-notch veterans transition program as well.

Farmers Insurance, which got its start back in 1928, provides home, business, and auto services along with life insurance and financial products. It caters to 10 million-plus families and produces nearly $20 billion annually via written premiums. The Farmers Insurance brand continues to rank among the most recognized and respected brands both in the United States and around the globe.

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