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Is there a difference between Kratom, Kratum, and Cratum Capsules?

What’s the difference between Kratom, Kratum, and Cratum capsules? Absolutely nothing. They’re all just common ways that people in America spell what is known as kratom, the ancient (but new to widespread US use) herbal drug becoming more widely used all around the world, and the nation. Like marijuana, it comes in numerous strains, but contains no actual psychotropic drugs and can be found at the Website. What it does do is create a similar euphoric feeling compared to popularly abused opiates, and it’s gaining more recognition for this, and is becoming holistically used as an alternative to actual opiates.

Benefits of Kratom Capsules

When it comes to buying and consuming cratum (kratom), there are two popular ways to take it. One is in powdered form, and this normally can take anywhere from 30 minutes, up to an hour and a half to take effect by making a “tea” with it. The other new way to take it is capsule form, and you can cheaply make your own capsules, or simply buy the capsules already packaged. While there are benefits from taking the powdered form, like being able to test the product for consistency, and extra security. However, this is all more time consuming, and is actually harder to maintain than just having a capsule you can take with you anywhere, and easily take.

Aside from this, you don’t have to measure each dose (normally a capsule or two contains one dose of the powdered kratom), and most capsules are made of gelatin if you find the right places online to ship them to you.

Kratom Capsule Side Effects & Dosage

When it comes to the side effects, it generally actually varies depending on what strain of Kratom you get. Because of the various types, each different strain has a unique set of side effects that makes them similar, but slightly different than others. Normally, one would not take anything less than 1.5 grams, so most consumers take a dose of about 2 grams on their initial dose (which would be almost equivalent to a teaspoon of powder). Every seller recommends that you can start with higher doses, but a dose above 7 grams would be potentially harmful and produce negative side effects, so you probably don’t even want to take that much.

How long does it take to “kick in”?

Depending on how much you take, as well as what form you take, you can begin to feel the effects of it from about 10-15 minutes with the powder, while kratom capsules generally take up to an hour to start to feel any effects from it. The smaller doses of kratom can give you the side effects for two, up to four hours, while higher doses of kratom can actually last 8 hours or at the most reported time of 10 hours.


When it comes to buying kratom, most people do tend to buy the powder because here in America we like things to take effect more quickly, it definitely is beneficial at times to buy the capsules. You can’t always take a pouch of kratom out and make tea at your office or while you’re at a workplace, so the pill form could be more beneficial for you if you can be patient enough to let them kick in.

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  1. lukeman says:

    There is no difference between these words and mostly people gave them different names

  2. Bryce says:

    Kratom is the correct spelling. It’s probably marketing when you see it spelled differently. Like a lot of things, it should be used in moderation. Also a little goes a long way. Taking too much will only make you sick to your stomach. It’s helped me stay off opiates and I know it’s helping a lot of people I’ve talked too.


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