Inventagon, Innovating the Future of Biotechnology

As the world moves towards technological advancement, it becomes mandatory for all fields to adapt to the evolving landscape. Be it the corporate or medical sector, the integration of technology is the need of the hour and should be taken seriously. This influx of tech-driven innovations has eased and simplified processes, operations, and workflows in every sector especially, the medical field.

The amalgamation of biology and technology is prosperous. Scientists and researchers worldwide have predicted the revolution this combination would bring to the medical world. The electroencephalogram was the first invention in the field of 1924. The success of this device indicated the potential of this integration.  Years later, biotechnology today is a successful cross product of technology and biology. Thousands of people and organizations around the world are now studying and making innovations in this field. And one of them is Inventagon, a medical device designing, manufacturing, and funding company that is headed by the innovator Jarl Jensen.

Inventagon was founded in 2009 by expert Jarl Jensen. This company aims to create and design the latest medical devices that ease various medical processes and make medical professionals’ lives simpler and less hectic. Its services include computerized designs, invention, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and printing, printed circuit board design, embedded software engineering, microprocessor programming, ISO9000 design regulations, FDA Design Control, medical adhesive design, advanced metabolic device design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and lots more.

As an investor himself, Jarl understands the need of society and the different methods it can be tackled with. Coming from a medical background with his father as a pioneer in the medical field. Jarl Jensen always wanted to establish a firm where he could amalgamate two leading technologies of the world and put forward creative solutions to pressing medical problems. Jarl helped his father design EuroMed, a wound care manufacturer, and has many patents under his name.

Inventagon (Photo by Jari Jenson)

Supporting Those Who Wish to Support Others

Researching new technologies and developing devices is not a piece of cake. It requires expertise, time, energy, and, most importantly, strong financial backup. In this money-oriented world, finance has become a key indicator in all sectors of life. Even completing a small task today requires money.  It is a fact that students, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to achieve their goals need money to do it. These individuals struggle with finances but have great minds that are capable of making the world a better place but sadly, without money, they cannot make it work.

As an experienced individual who has spent a maj0r chunk of his life in this field, Jarl understands the importance of having a robust financial backup. Having a strong financial position enables an entrepreneur to create innovative solutions for the world. Inventagon extends its services as an innovation company was strong financial support. It offers different operating agreements that empower mind-blowing ideas to turn into big businesses. By helping Doctors and Entrepreneurs with a well-deserved shot at success, Inventagon has become a renowned company in the field of Biotechnology within a few years’ time. It is counted as one of the leading companies with successful ideas that are now being manufactured and used in many hospitals worldwide.

Creating Modern Medical Devices, Easing Processes

Inventagon has established itself as one of the forerunners of developing modern biomedical devices. Its cutting-edge designs and inventions are improving the outcomes of traditional medical procedures. Their products not only expedite the lengthy procedures but also provides comfort to the patient and soothes the (sometimes) painful duration for them. The company has invested, designed, prototyped, and marketed many biomedical devices. Some of these include; advanced wound care, advanced orthodontics, advanced cosmetics, advanced probiotics, advanced life extension, advanced chronic disease prevention, advanced metabolic accelerating devices and dental cosmetic products, and many more.

Looking into recent statistics and studies, it can be said the field of biomedical is expected to grow; in fact, according to Market Research Reports, projects revenues for medical device firms will hit the $543.9 billion benchmark in 2020. Similarly, the growth of Inventagon is inevitable and will surely reach new heights with its out-of-the-box designs and creative approach to propose a solution to a problem. Being a recipient of the ‘Medical Device Design Award’ by MD&M in 2012 displays the true potential of the company’s exemplary services.

With so many new devices flooding the market, Inventagon’s products have always stood out from the rest. Their expert and proficient team of engineers and technicians are skilled at their craft and always put their best foot forward to make the company a force to be reckoned with.