Innovation and adaptation is the key to unlocking growth

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All of us are privy to the effects of this transformational age, which is significantly affecting our daily lives. From environmental and social crises to the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, our world is in a state of flux, that has left most of us confused and wondering about the ways to unlock growth in all aspects. Where COVID-19 shook the world with the traumatizing effects, it has also forced us to contemplate and think over the rather important things which most of us avoided due to our fixed, monotonous schedules. During this time, many people unlocked their obscure potential, which they wouldn’t have otherwise. One such person who successfully made use of this stagnant time in the lockdown was Jean Fallacara.

Jean Fallacara is a serial successful entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Z-Sciences Corporation, Z-SC1 corp known for developing laboratory equipment and few others.

Jean Fallacara (Courtesy Photo)

Fallacara is best known for his creation of Cyborggainz Neuroscience Calisthenics Lab is World’s first human optimization program in the fitness industry that offers workout plans based on neuroscience, named Train Like a Cyborg. The pandemic gave him the opportunity to take his innovation a step further. During this time, Fallacara devoted himself to identifying new viable business opportunities, redefining the market spaces for his brand, and adapting newer business models to deliver value to his customers and help them gain benefits from his innovative technique. Like any other business, Fallacara also diverted his time to leveraging social media and raising awareness about Neuroscience Calisthenics, adapting to the new way of the world.

Neuroscience Calisthenics is an improvised human optimization program comprising calisthenics training and neuroscience, aiming to not only work on the physical aspects but also improve learning and facilitate the use of human emotional systems significantly improving your workout’s effectiveness. Where this is a fairly new concept in the fitness industry, during the pandemic, Fallacara shared his views on this matured concept not only on his social media platforms but also wrote a book about it: Neuroscience Calisthenics -Hijack Your body clock.

Subsequently, Fallacara got Ranked #5 in the Top 10 Motivational Influencers Canada 2020 and also became a Top 10 Athletes Instagram Influencers In Montreal. Not only that, but his website also ranked in the 20 Best Blog and Websites for Calisthenics and got him selected as Fitness &Wellness Expert in the KOMI app. This newfound recognition led his firm Z-Sc1 to a hike, receiving a huge demand for Vaccine Freezers to the point that he had to take it public in order to sustain its growth.

Most recently LA Weekly ranked Fallacara in the Top 10 entrepreneurs to follow in 2021.

Success indeed becomes a mediocre concept, totally predictable only if one puts innovation and adapting in his/her practices. Fallacara, without a doubt, brought the idea of innovation and adaptation as the keys to unlocking growth to a full circle during this pandemic, taking his brand to a new height and becoming a pioneer in the fitness industry.

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    The current digital revolution is reshaping economies and spurring innovation in all spheres of the economy.

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    It is certain to be a fun experience for many gamers because of how easy it is to play and how addictive it is.


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