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Incredible Advances in Science in the Last Decade

Science has taken a huge leap in developing new technologies within a variety of fields.

From virtual reality, medical discoveries, and technology evolvement, this decade has brought many benefits to our world.

Editing Our Genes

One of the latest inventions in the genetics field is CRISPR Cas9– but what is it?

Well, this is basically a tool that allows us to edit and modify our genes. Many scientists have tried to do this over the years, but it often resulted in DNA damage. Now, we have a new invention that is safe to modify our genes. Once this tool is tested with a clinical research organization, it could potentially be a cure for a variety of diseases.

CRISPR Cas9 works with primers that are modified to carry an ARN transcriptase and copies of the correct DNA chain. It will detect which genes are damaged or prone to cause inheritable diseases and adjusts its structure by applying a primer or just changing the sequence.

This advance can possibly cure up to 89% of inheritable diseases, and it’s an effective and safe procedure.

Prediction of Premature Childbirth

Since many years ago, we have developed some ways to detect child malformations by performing an amniocentesis procedure. This process is invasive because it needs to puncture the belly of the pregnant woman. Now, we can get the same results in a non-invasive way.

A new blood test named Quake is able to predict premature birth. This test isolates seven genes which are determinants of this condition, and by resulting positive, doctors can be aware of the pregnancy and take the right precautions in case a premature birth occurs.

Also, new technologies are beginning to develop blood tests to check for cancer, Down’s Syndrome, and many more conditions that used to require specialized analyses.

Meatless Burgers

Over the last decade, the population has increased tremendously, and this raises the consumption of meat all around the world. By 2015, it’s thought to increase the use of meat up to 70% more. This is an issue because global warming isn’t necessarily getting better with this type of behavior.

But there’s a solution! Some labs and restaurants are starting to develop recipes that turn a meat meal into a meatless option. This can reduce meat consumption and help with the overall health of the planet.

Final Thoughts

Our world is constantly evolving, and technologies are surfacing every day. These mentioned above are some of the greatest inventions that could be a solution to various global issues.

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