In recognition of Juneteenth -Insights (video) that reflect the past, present and future of freedom

As many people in the U.S. and beyond recognize Juneteenth, let us reflect on the past, find purpose in the present and prepare for a more perfect future. We invite you to view the video and find encouragement in the words of President Biden, “On Juneteenth, may we celebrate the essence of freedom that galvanized the country, the progress we have made in our Nation, and all that is possible when we march forward together. May we all recommit to redeeming the very soul of America — choosing love over hate, unity over division, and progress over retreat.” 

The video calls us to create the world we hope to see with insights from: Abeni Bloodworth of Chromatic Black, who invites people to create a shared future through a set of town halls and Christie Matherne from Wallet Hub who shares research about racial equity in education across the country.

In honor of Juneteenth, let’s walk together in search of our shared humanity. Please view the video below and thank those people and organizations who are working tireless to make the world a better place:

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