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Hunting Towers

We are up here, and they’re beneath us

This is why we all see clear their wrongs

Up in this tower, feelings of power

Judging our neighbors lives like we have a clue


Why are we so quick to build ourselves up by tearing others down


Standing up here, throwing stones at the lesser man

Wonder how it feels to be down there

Fell from the tower, feel like a coward

Caught by the hands of the people I did not know


Why was I so quick to build myself up by tearing others down


I’m changing my ways

I’m changing my life

One day at a time


Why are they so quick to welcome me home like I am one of their own

About the author

Rudder North

Hailing the outskirts of Baltimore and DC in Maryland, the members of Rudder North formed their unique duo in March 2010. Since, they have played shows at local venues, coffeehouses, and open mic nights. On Dec. 31, 2011, Rudder North released their debut album, "Redwoods." Since the release, the duo have been playing original songs at any venue they can get their hands, feet, and seven-plus instruments onto. The pair also started writing new songs in the short three months since the release. Rudder North never ceases to surprise the audience with their ability to create easy listening, positive music while the small duo play multiple instruments at once. Though they may seem small, they give a pure, full sound. Experimenting with the guitar, and discovering the variety of sounds that can come from this stringed, wooden box, the two talented young men find excitement in making instruments of everyday objects. The wide variety of instruments they use include, guitars, mandolin, xylophone, harmonica, many different sources of percussion, and more. Contact the author.

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