How to Switch to a Teaching Career

Image by 14995841 from Pixabay

Some people know teaching is their calling from a young age, while others may need to grow their skills to discover a passion for education. The wonderful news is that it’s never too late to transition to a career in teaching.

Many U.S. states are also struggling with teacher shortages and are eager for dedicated, talented, and hardworking people to enter the roles. If you’re ready to move on from your current job, find out how to switch to a teaching career.

Connect with Other Teachers

It is an intelligent idea to talk to experienced teachers before pursuing the career. It will provide an opportunity to ask various questions weighing on your mind. As most teachers will be open and honest about the profession, you can make an informed choice on the right type of school, setting, and grade for your personality and skills.

Research Various Online Programs

Budding teachers should learn more about the various education programs available, including elementary, middle, or high school programs. However, you can also choose more specialized programs to match your passions and interests, such as special education or special and general education dual certification.

Pursue a teaching career around your current job with an online degree, master’s degree, or certification program. For example, Bank Street Graduate School Teaching Degrees Online provides its students with the flexibility to grow their education around their professional and personal life. Plus, you’ll develop skills and theories to execute in real classroom settings to help students thrive academically and personally.

Understand the Qualifications You Need

While there are some standard qualifications you will need to enter teaching, your state will determine the credentials you’ll need to obtain. In addition to a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, you may need to pass a state exam. If in doubt, visit your state’s Department of Education for more information.

Update Your Resume

After earning the required qualifications, you must update your resume to promote your experience and qualifications. Look for transferrable skills in your past role to highlight why you’re a perfect fit for a teaching position. Don’t attempt to hide your professional past and use the experience to stand out from a crowd of candidates. Switching careers takes much effort, bravery, and commitment, which will prove to an employer that you have a superb hard work ethic.

Have Confidence in Your Ability

Once you enter the teaching profession, you may discover many of your colleagues switched to a teaching career later in life. Many people are often eager to enjoy a more rewarding working life and make a positive difference in many students’ lives.

While it is natural to feel you don’t belong when you first enter the profession, remember you’re not alone when switching to a teaching career. Believe in your ability, embrace the new challenge, and enter a school with confidence.

If you’re stuck in a job that provides little reward or want to embrace a varied working life, a teaching career might be an ideal option.