How to Reach & Grow Right Audience on Instagram

No one was born with an audience. We all create them and along the way, grow or lose them. Reaching the right audience on Instagram is not as hard as many think. At least, when you are not using hashtags, Oh, it is also not as easy as it sounds. There are a few measures you need to take to reach the right audience.

The first step before you can reach out to your audience is identifying them. How? You can start by understanding what is trending, what is circulating a particular discussion and the influencers people are following most. With this information, you now know who the right audience to reach is. Also, I identify when most people are active. Set that time as your most appropriate time to post.

But how do you reach this audience? And finally, how do you grow them? Stay with me; you need to know this.

1. Aim At Groups And Communities Using Hashtags

Now that you know the right audience, you can use Popular Instagram Niche Hashtags tools to help you reach your audience fast. These tools make it easy for you by making your posts to appear in the most recent posts.

Better still is that if your post has an excellent engagement, anytime people search your hashtags, yours will appear at the top. That is why you need first to identify which are the most popular hashtags so that you can use them. Didn’t I say it is easy to make an audience and grow using hashtags? Now you believe.

However, you’ve got to do some excellent research to identify the trending hashtags. Next, study the new follow hashtag on Instagram so as to determine who are your followers in a particular niche.

2. Reach Out To Influencers

Following influencers is one indirect way of reaching your audience. Not only that but considering that they have a significant number of followers mean that chances are that your audience will also grow within a concise time. In fact, one post by an influencer can build and grow your audience within five minutes. Consider using Instagram hashtag generator to help build your audience.

Again, think about what you want to milk from them if they were to help you. For example, can they help you grow your audience, increase a product’s awareness or help in increasing your sales? Go ahead and speak to them about it so that they can know the best way to achieve your goals.

Once your influencer implements the plans, keep up with the Instagram analytics so that you analyze your growth.

3. Interact With The Audience

Now that you have got the right audience to avoid any mistakes that can cause your audience to stop following you. Therefore, keep an eye on the impressions your hashtags are getting. Depending on the likes and positive impressions, provide your audience with what they need.

Not only that, consider what is keeping your competitor at the top of the trend, try to do better so that your audience gets better information from you than from them.

The other thing to take note of is competition can never go down; it will always go high because everyone wants to be at the top of the trend. So, keep close attention to what your audience is looking for and go beyond their expectations. Eventually, you will hit the roof in the trend on Instagram.

4. Use Videos

As much as many people love pictures, attractive videos can also grow your audience tremendously. Actually, in the near future, most people will prefer video over pictures. See, Instagram allows the use of videos that are 15 minutes long or less.

Research shows a higher percentage of Instagram users use pictures but only ten percent uses videos. That means the lower percentage has a better chance of winning more audience. Use these videos to create and increase your brand awareness.

The Parting Point

Now it is up to you to connect with your audience as well as influencers then expand your special network on Instagram. Use hashtags to create awareness. Don’t stop at that; allow your network connection to grow each day. And no, don’t lose them by neglecting your role. Give them what they love by analyzing what they love most.

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