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How to Prevent Sports Injuries in Teens

As they say, we don’t pick sports for the kids but sports pick the kids. But there are chances of getting hurt and suffer several injuries if you are not paying proper attention to the game and your safety. So we have made a list of some basic tips that you or your kids have can perform to prevent some injuries while playing any sports or performing any sports activity.

1. Warm-Up 

Never underestimate how important the proper warm-up is. It prepares your muscles for the upcoming burden. From the warm-up your muscles get flexible and you can prevent injuries during the following training session. Also, the cartilage gets supplied with synovial and because of that a better prevention of damages. In addition to that the warm-up causes a better basis for neuromuscular, organic, and mental performance.

2. Regeneration 

It could be bad for your body if you train the same structures every day for a longer period of time. Many forget that not only muscles but also other structures need regeneration. If you exaggerate training it can cause the following damages. Complete tear-offs of muscles and damages of cartilage don’t occur suddenly so give yourself a pause about 1 week every 3 months to give your body the necessary rest.

3. Massage 

Massage is a very important technique if you want to make your muscles regenerate faster and minimize muscle soreness. A massage also can reduce the risk of inflammations. A good way to perform the massage itself, are the so-called leg rolls or form rolls. In this context, we talk about the self-myofascial release. This means that the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and muscle groups, regularly are conducted exercises of the black roll can make dysphasia lose in order to relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation. In specific areas of your body, you can also use a cross-fiber massage. This is most appropriate for your firearms or legs because you can reach it easily with your hand.

4. Lower volume and intensity

You don’t have to train to exhaustion each workout. Especially when it comes to training with the whole body which similar movements are trained very often per week, it would be good to do various training sessions with low volume and intensity. In this way, your body is not stressed extremely every workout and you can often train the same muscle groups. However, of course, you have to pay attention to the training goal. With a splitter training plan, for example, you could also train almost every day when the intensively trained structures get enough rest.

5. Wear the right gear

This is one of the significant to prevent injuries while playing any sport. Every Sport has particular safety gear and you should wear them while playing the game. You will not only protect your body from injuries but you can avoid some injuries that can last till death. With cheap soccer jerseys, helmet, knee caps, elbow caps, you can put on some other significant gears recommended for the sport you are playing whether in your college or the backyard of your house.

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