How to Plan an Office St. Patrick’s Day Shindig

Most workplaces throw a winter holiday party. Some workplaces even plan Halloween or Easter festivities. But what about St. Patrick’s Day? It’s one of those holidays that’s generally celebrated at home, but ignored at the office.

It doesn’t have to be that way! St. Patrick’s Day presents one of the best opportunities to throw a themed party at work. Like every great holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has a clear color scheme. There’s also memorable symbolism and culture-focused food to be enjoyed. Why throw an office St. Patrick’s Day shindig? Pshh! Why not? Here’s how you can make a memorable event for your office.

Plan the Venue

A good shindig needs a good venue. The office is the easiest place to do it (since it’s an office shindig, after all). Book a conference room in your building, or perhaps use the break room. If you can’t use any space inside the building, set up chairs, tables, and awnings outside and host your shindig out in the fresh air.

If you can’t host a shindig anywhere at your office, try and find someplace that’s close by so that all your colleagues can easily go from the office over to your event. Find a restaurant (with ample space to reserve) or a brewery and get there early so you can set up a few St. Patty’s Day decorations. An Irish bar would obviously be the best spot to celebrate!

Plan the Décor

Planning the décor is the most fun part about a St. Patrick’s Day shindig. You know the deal: green is imperative. Green napkins. Green balloons. Green utensils. Green banners. Green tablecloths. Make sure to use lots of shamrock decorative items, too. Have shamrock balloons, wall hangings, and party items everywhere to really set the mood.

Plan the Attire

Here’s where people really engage with St. Patrick’s Day. As goes the common tradition, you have to wear green on St. Patty’s Day. If you don’t wear green, people can pinch you! Encourage everyone to wear themed gear. Plan for everyone in the office to wear St. Patrick’s Day shirts or shamrock headbands to get the festivities started. That way, everyone will be dressed in festive gear, and you can take a cute St. Patty’s Day photo of everyone in the office wearing green.

Plan the Food

The food is the best part about any St. Patrick’s Day shindig! It’s an Irish holiday, and so you’ll want to have a few Irish dishes for everyone to enjoy. Some great, and not-too-difficult Irish dishes to make include corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and shepherd’s pie potato bowls. You’ll want lots of dessert items as well. You can plan your dessert items to be shamrock-shaped and have green sugar or frosting. Some of the sweets you can prepare to include shamrock-shaped cupcakes, pies, and cookies. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate Leprechaun coins!

But what about drinks? Most folks associate Irish culture with plentiful drinks, so make sure that you have some alcoholic beverages on hand. Irish beers, like Guinness, are the obvious choice. But you can prepare Irish-themed cocktails as well. Make St. Patrick’s Day Mint Schnapps (mint because of the color green), Irish coffee with Bailey’s, or a honeydew martini.

Just make sure that everyone drinks responsibly! Create spreadsheets that everyone in the office can access to plan carpools to and from the event. Maybe you can collect money from the office ahead of time so that you can pay for rideshares for a few people.

Plan the Activities

A St. Patrick’s Day shindig doesn’t have to be all eating and drinking. Mix in one or two fun activities! There are a bunch of different party games you can play. You can plan a gold hunt; you hide gold coins all around the office, and everyone has to get in teams and scour the office for them. You can also play “Pot of Gold”, in which players stand in a circle around a small gold pot and try to flip coins into the pot. Players take turns flipping coins, and whoever gets three coins into the pot first wins. Place a wrapped gift in the middle of the pot—whoever wins the game gets the gift!

Now you’re ready to go! With the right décor, food, and activities, you’ll throw a festive (and very green) St. Patrick’s Day shindig that everyone in the office will remember!

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