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How to Make the Perfect Banner for Your Business

A banner is a great way to promote your offerings at trade shows and other such events. This powerful and cost-effective marketing tool has the potential to attract hundreds of customers at a single event, says New York Banner Stands, one of the best banner printing service providers in NYC.

However, if you want your banner to stand out from the crowd, you need to design it creatively. Here are some tips that can help.

Use Vector Images

A banner is big. Therefore, it requires an image that won’t get blurred when scaled up. This can be achieved with the help of vector images. Vector images are different from popular image formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF. Mathematical equations define the shape, colors and lines in vector images. This means that the image will remain sharp, no matter how much it is scaled. Moreover, vector images are usually smaller than equivalent JPEGs. This helps in saving computer memory and reducing download/upload times.

Choose the Right Font

The font that you use on your banner should certainly be stylish since you want to attract people. However, legibility is equally important. Fonts with crowded letters are difficult to read since it is hard to distinguish between letters in such fonts. Overly-bold fonts also look crowded and pose the same difficulty. On the other hand, fonts made with fine lines can get lost against the backdrop.

Choose the Right Colors

The colors used for the text and graphics on the banner should contrast with the background color. This makes your banner easily readable from a distance. The number of colors you use is another consideration. If you’re not designing something high-end, like a movie poster, it’s best to use only two or three colors. You can check out the backdrop and the colors before printing to be doubly sure.

Keep it Simple

Your banner is likely to only get a passing a glance from a majority of the people. So, the biggest mistake you can make is cluttering it with too much information or too many graphics. Make sure your message stands out from a distance and grabs the passerby’s attention. Make sure the banner does not appear too cluttered and has enough empty spaces.

Use High-Quality Materials

The material that you use for the banner, whether vinyl or canvas, should be of high quality. This would make your banner look good and also ensure its longevity. This is very important since this is what reflects your brand image to the target audience. For the same reason, you should use inks that are UV-resistant.

Choose to have your banner designed and printed only by an experienced printing services provider. There are great options for banner printing services, including custom large format printing in NYC, New York.

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