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How to Improve the Security of Garage Doors

Safety at home is important. Your home is your sanctuary and deserves protection. For this reason, you must know one of the weakest points in the structure of home security: the security of the garage door. 

Garage doors are known as entry points for burglars and other intruders. But don’t worry by following the tips below, you can be sure how to improve the security of your garage door and ensure that your family can sleep safely and healthily.

Exterior Lights

The first point at which you should start improving the security of your garage door is a thorough analysis of your home lighting. Robbers and burglars are looking for dark, dimly lit places. No light means less detection – both when entering and exiting. Your goal should be to bring as much light as possible to your home without blinding your neighbors. Your garage door should be covered with strong exterior lighting. If not, you should go to your local hardware store and buy some outdoor lights. The two most important factors to look out for when you go out are devices with sufficient light that is sensitive to movement. You need lights with motion sensors that turn on every time something moves in front of the garage.

Security cameras

Now that we have talked lighting, we want to take it to a higher level by installing surveillance cameras. Cameras really serve two purposes. First, they prevent potential criminals from accessing your home at all. Like well-lit places, thieves avoid areas that are actively monitored. Secondly, cameras are used to record the identity of people who are so stupid to break into your home. In any case, they will significantly improve the security of garage doors. The most important thing to consider when installing cameras is to align them to have a clear and full view of the garage entrance. The lights discussed above are necessary for your cameras to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Replace the garage door

You can also completely replace the garage door. This is especially important if your current door has a cheaper, empty composition. Burglars, at least those who are successful, have craft skills and know what to look for. Thin garage doors will be the main focus of their searching eyes. To avoid this, you can preventively upgrade your garage door to a completely insulated version with a solid core. It should be remembered that this can be an expensive undertaking because solid garage doors are definitely more expensive than their hollow compatriots.

Install additional locks

Sometimes there is nothing better than good, old-fashioned locks. This is definitely true when it comes to the garage door. Not only do you want to rely on the mechanical protection of the garage door opener, but you also want to strengthen this protection with your own locks. This can be done in several ways.

The simplest way to get this done is to put a padlock to the rail itself, and it will stop the rollers from starting. Of course, this is a very manual process whose daily use can be quite embarrassing. This is, of course, a very laborious process which can be quite awkward in daily usage.

Take care of the garage door opening

This has a lot more to do with you and your habits than installing new equipment or changing the structure of your home. This ensures safe control over the garage door opener. It really boils down to knowing and thinking about how to use the opener and where to store it. Most importantly, never leave the door opener in the car. There are car break-ins all the time; Your vehicle is not the right place to open your garage door.Never leave the opener in an enclosed place where people you don’t know have easy access.

The burglary rate in Baltimore is one of the highest in the US, so it is vital to take adequate steps to avoid falling victim. Securing your garage is one way of shoring up your home security

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