How to Find the Best Baby Doll For Your Little Girl

Once they hit a few months old little girls really enjoy playing with baby dolls, and this affection doesn’t wear off for several years, so buying the perfect baby doll for your little girl is a serious task. This is a toy she will love and treasure, and always remember – the bond between child and doll is really that strong. As she grows that doll will be her best friend, confidant, and source of comfort.

You probably know all this, but when faced with the endless shelves of different baby dolls for girls how on earth can you decide which one will be the perfect choice? It’s not easy, especially as you may well want to get them all, but these tip on how to find the best baby doll for your little girl should help you get there.

Start with something age appropriate

The most interesting baby dolls are intended for babies over one, and the older your little girl is the more choice you will have. Dolls they have from babyhood grow with them, but otherwise choose something new which is designed for her age group as she will get a lot more from it that way. Some dolls are much heavier than others too, so a three-pound baby doll would be tough for a very small girl to carry for long.

Choose between traditional and realistic baby dolls

Many of us picture a firm bodied doll that can be dressed and undressed and hugged endlessly but still manage to look like a traditional doll, others are soft-bodied and designed to look very much like real babies. There’s no right or wrong choice but knowing which you prefer to buy for your little girl cuts the choice down.

What do you want the baby doll to do?

Small children are happy enough with a baby doll they can hug, but once into toddler stage and older they may want to have the chance to feed their baby, change its diapers, have it talk, or even walk!


These days there’s a lot more choice of skin tone when you are picking out a baby doll, and also a growing market in dolls with various disabilities, which is good to know.

How about accessories?

Once you have the baby doll you are going to find your little girl wants clothes for her, possibly a stroller too, and a crib, and well – the list could go on and on. Some lines even offer brothers and sisters! For bigger dolls you may be able to find great outfits at a thrift store, but having at least a few add-ons in a doll range is great when your little girl is old enough to dress her doll or take it for walks. Tip – introduce the concept of baby slings if your little girl wants to bring baby out for the day – she will definitely tire of pushing the stroller!