How to Detox Your Liver and Body

As a self-proclaimed health aficionado, I am always looking for something new to exciting to include into health my regiment.  From fasting to the latest work out craze, I have always looked for the latest and greatest. More recently, I have come across the idea of detoxing. Detoxing can be in any many different ways, including cell phone, alcohol, and television; the intention is to improve your well-being or in one way or another.  I have been interested in detoxing toxins from my body, hoping to improve my overall health and maybe lose a little weight. One of the helpful tools I have discovered along the way to help with my detoxing process is the clean slate detox.

The Health Journey

In my health journey, I have found it essential to understand what roles my organs play in my health. After much research, I learned I have been underestimating the importance of my liver. What I learned is the function of the liver is to break down and to metabolize foreign bodies like chemicals and drugs from the bloodstream; it basically acts as a filter for the rest of the body.  It also stores glycogen, vitamins, and minerals. As the liver detoxifies chemicals from the blood, it creates bile that ends up back into my intestines.  More importantly, what I learned is when and what can happen when I do not take care of my liver health, including hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, and liver failure.  This made me really want to learn what I could do to improve my liver health, which would thereby lead to a better overall healthy body and a better lifestyle.

Lifestyle Choices and Toxins

With many lifestyle choices, even with a  healthy lifestyle focus, it is easy to get exposed to so many toxins, from the water we drink, pollution, and the food we eat. It had me stop and wonder, “how does this affect my body?” Turns to find out an overload of daily toxins in our lives can cause severe liver damage or toxic hepatitis. Everyday examples that we are exposed to being solvent carbon (which is found in our dry cleaning),   vinyl chloride (which is used to make plastics), and other industrial chemicals. The scariest part is it could take months of damage to our livers for symptoms to develop outwardly. Liver damage could be permeant as it often causes scarring.  The idea of having a damaged liver became real and very scary to me. I made it my personal mission to do better and work on my liver health.

  • Detoxing- abstaining from or ridding the body of a toxic or unhealthy substance. Detoxing can include chemicals, foods, or behaviors.  Examples being: Television, Sugar, and Alcohol.
  • Liver’s Function- the liver is the body’s natural detoxing agent as it purifies the body of toxins like chemicals and drugs from the bloodstream. The liver stores glycogen, vitamins, and minerals. The liver creates bile that, in turn, returns to the intestines.
  • Toxins – poisonous substances that are harmful to the body, these can be produced artificially like vinyl chloride, which is found in plastics, or natural, like poison found in a bee’s sting.

Now that I had all this new health information, my next thought was, “what am I supposed to do to take care of my liver and body?”  I found my answer within the clean slate detox. The clean slate detox is cleansing systems that will help flush out all of those pesky, unhelpful toxins. This product is designed to help clean out our most important organs, including the liver, kidney, heart, and colon.  The product is used to flush out all the buildup and remove all the toxins I have accumulated over the years of my life. The best part of this system is it only takes two days to complete the process. This product uses a formulated blend of herbs to help with the rapid removal process.  The best part was all I had to do was take two pills two times per day, and that was it. I said goodbye to toxins and hello to a newer, healthier me!

As I am on the way to a healthier me, I will always look for newer and better information on ways to self-improve. I am forever thankful for new information about my body, health, and how my body continues to function.  As I grow older, it is essential that I learned health is a journey and not an end goal, meaning I will always continue to learn and grow. I will always be on a mission to a better me, including detoxing into my regiment.  More specifically, the clean slate detox will become part of my new health regiment as it makes me feel better than I could ever imagine.


Feature Image by congerdesign from Pixabay