How to choose daycare in Coney Island

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

In childhood, the potential is laid for the distant future. Agile and inquisitive children rapidly expand the knowledge base, studying the external and internal features of everything around them. What are you going to do during the first years of your little one? What should a preschooler at 5-6 years old know and be able to do? We will talk about this and much more in today’s article. Daycare in Coney Island proposes 4 key points that are pivotal for a child’s development for up to 6 years.

Ability and willingness to learn

There is a list of mental cognitive processes that make up the ability and desire to learn:

  • perception;
  • attention;
  • memory;
  • imagination;
  • speech;
  • broaden thinking.

For the majority of children, the development of interest is a natural process laid down by nature. At preschool age, children most of all want to discover something new for themselves, which can be achieved in daycare Brooklyn. Closer to 5-7 years old, the child no longer simply perceives information in a finished form, as it was before. Visiting a child care center enables kids to learn by bringing different concepts into one system, analyzing them, comparing, searching for patterns and drawing conclusions.

In fact, the elementary school curriculum doesn’t contain specific lessons on the development of cognitive abilities. Therefore, the task of teaching a child to learn largely falls on the parents or caregivers of daycare Coney Island. High cognitive interest plus developed attention, memory, thinking and other cognitive abilities will help your children get used to school without stress, become more independent, productive and avoid chronic academic failure.

Creative thinking

The ability to create something new, unconventional – this is how classical psychology defines the concept of “creative thinking”. You shouldn’t associate it exclusively with art: extraordinary solutions are welcomed in any field of activity nowadays. At the age of 5-7 years, thinking is not constrained by stereotypes and it is easier for a child to learn to “be creative” together with Brighton Beach Daycare. This will help them get out of any difficult situations in the future, simply by connecting creative thinking.

The skills of logical thinking

Some everyday and educational tasks can be solved creatively. Logic brings together:

  • ability to think critically;
  • prove the truth or falsity of judgments;
  • make informed decisions;
  • explain child’s own position.

According to daycare in Coney Island, solving entertaining logical problems is a proven way of developing logic in preschoolers. Is your child 5-7 years old? This is the perfect time to start. Children with developed logical and mathematical intelligence can easily cope with school tasks. Generally, they can win math olympiads being 4-graders and have more chances for a breakthrough in general intellectual development.

Spatial thinking and imagination

Developing these abilities, the child learns to navigate in space, recognize directions of movement, determine the sides of the horizon, understand the position of objects and name their shape. By creating 3D pictures in a child’s head, looking at them in the smallest detail and rotating them as kids like, the specialists of daycare in Coney Island teach little ones to improve their fantasy. Also, this technique develops special “hard” and “flexible” skills that affect the success of a person in a particular activity, shape the habit of learning, thinking outside the box, speaking correctly and allocating time properly. They are equally useful in school, work and personal affairs.