How to Biohack your life for the better

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My goal is to revolutionize health care by going back to the basic building blocks, which constitute health.

-John Limansky, MD, BiohackMD

The foods we consume have a profound impact on the way we look and most importantly, feel on the outside. Food has the power to nourish us, the power to fuel us, and the power to create a loving relationship with ourselves. The lifestyle and nutrition choices we make have an innate effect on our daily lives as well. If you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, you probably enjoy that jolt of energy that kick-starts your day. After a nutritious meal, you may feel energized, satisfied, and ready to take on any task. There are other times, though when perhaps you skipped breakfast and spent the rest of the day feeling lethargic and agitated with everyone around you. Food has a powerful effect on us, for better or for worse. Our job is to figure out what works for the better.

What is Biohacking?

This is why the concept of biohacking has become so popular. Biohacking is all about changing our mind, our body, and our lives for the better. It’s about delving into the basic building blocks of human nutrition to make subtle lifestyle shifts that

reap significant benefits. The do-it-yourself approach to human biology is a technique that takes into consideration the reciprocal nature of the human form. Our bodies are a system full of inputs, including things like food and exercise. As such, the body produces various outputs, including energy, mood, and so much more. The key to biohacking is then to get curious about this relationship and to figure out which inputs yield the greatest outputs for you.

Dave Asprey, founder, and CEO of Bulletproof is among the greatest pioneers of the movement. He explains, “Biohacking is the process of using science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind, and life.” Continuing, Asprey says, “Simply put, biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you so you have more control over your own biology.”

What are the Applications of Biohacking?

There are a range of biohacking techniques that people swear by and some are pretty out there. How does sitting in temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit sound? Whole body cold treatment, also known as cryotherapy is one biohacking technique that is used to enhance mood, energy, as well as weight loss. But if shivering away in the cold is not your thing, there are many other practices to take into consideration. And according to a board-certified physician of internal medicine, Dr. John Limansky MD, simplicity is key.

“By taking simple steps such as modifying diet, exercising, incorporating stress reduction, improving sleep and focusing on meditation among other techniques, many of the diseases afflicting our society may be reversed,” says Dr. Limansky. He continues, “My goal is to revolutionize health care by going back to the basic building blocks which constitute health. Diet is obviously a key component, but lifestyle also can play a huge role.”


As co-founder of the online platform, BiohackMD, Dr. Limansky outlines a variety of biohacking techniques that ultimately enhance the mind-body connection. Using the platform as a conversation, he and his team provide recipes, articles, and the latest scientific research to communicate the effects of biohacking. “By introducing the concept of biohacking to the public, my goal is to show how everyone can regain their health, wellness and increase longevity while being able to stop taking medications which work to suppress symptoms not address the root cause of modern western diseases,” he says.


One biohacking technique Dr. Limansky encourages is meditation. The age-old practice is one of the most effective practices in self-reflection. By orienting one’s mind in the present moment, individuals ultimately strengthen self-awareness. In return, meditation may yield a positive mood as well as greater control over anxiety and addictive behaviors that disrupt one’s life.


Another practice Dr. Limansky preaches is the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic, ‘Keto’ diet is a popular lifestyle choice in the biohacking world. For Dr. Limansky, it really is just that, a lifestyle. The low carb, high-fat diet encourages the body to use a different source of fuel. Instead of relying on sugar from carbohydrates, the keto diet relies on ketone bodies sourced from fat. It is a way to optimize the cells by decreasing the constant influx of glucose and fructose found all too often in processed food products.

By incorporating a ketogenic diet, individuals are able to gain greater control over insulin levels, improve hormone levels, lose fat, and relearn what it means to be hungry. Unlike those fancy shakes and fad diets on social media, the Keto diet is a sustainable diet that encourages the consumption of real, whole foods in the right ratio.

Our strength is in our uniqueness. By uncovering the unique intricacies of your biology, you’ll be empowered to become a stronger, happier, and better you. Happy biohacking!