How Gabb Wireless by Founder Stephen Dalby Makes Kid-Safe Phones Children Actually Want to Use

Amid the ever-growing technological revolution has arrived a congruent, mind-boggling enigma: how do we let our children participate, without oversaturating and overexposing them to modern media? This issue only grows regarding cell phones, a near-necessity for kids these days to stay in touch with their parents, as children have begun requesting their first phone at a younger and younger age. Enter Gabb WirelessStephen Dalby’s revolutionary children’s phone provider that enables safe communication and connection, fulfilling the needs to make both kids and parents happy.

With smartphones largely dominating the adult phone market, many children are unhappy when presented with flip-phones, the antiquated yet parent-approved devices without all the bells and whistles. In comparison to some of their classmates’ phones with full touchscreen capabilities, a few additional games, social media apps, and fun add-ons, traditional flip-phones simply fall flat, leaving many kids unimpressed and unsatisfied.

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This is where Gabb Wireless Gabb Phone Z2 comes in: featuring the full look of an up-to-date smartphone, the Z2 contains everything a kid needs and a parent wants, without any attention-deviating additions or safety issues. Rather than providing kids access to the internet or time-wasting games, children with Z2 can keep up with Joneses appearance-wise, while using their phone for its intended purpose of communicating with friends and family.

Still, Gabb Wireless encourages children’s creative and intellectual sides, as the Z2 offers full photo-taking capabilities for kids to snap their surroundings, and a built-in calculator to help with homework that’s sure to impress budding elementary mathematicians. Throughout its meticulous design, Gabb Wireless ensures that all integrated features are a positive asset to kids’ lives, prompting them to look up from their screens and into the outside world for additional fun.

A new addition to the product line — the Gabb Watch — likewise brings the cool factor to kids’ wrists, giving a smartwatch look with parent-approved features. The Gabb Watch innovatively allows adults to establish ‘safe zones’ for their children, sending parents a notification when they leave or arrive at a designated area thanks to integrated GPS tracking. An additional aspect of the Gabb Watch is the GabbGo app; a task-manager app made kid-friendly. Incentivising goal setting and achieving, the GabbGo app helps kids develop invaluable proactivity skills, cultivating a culture of getting outside and doing cool things. Made from sweat and dirt-resistant materials, the Gabb Watch is perfect for playtime and recess, and is built to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with the territory of a children’s accessory.

Gabb Wireless’ innovative take on the phone market has caught the eye of eager investors around the world, with the company earning a major $14 million round of funding at the onset of 2021. Beginning their third round of funding, Gabb’s empire doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

As the industry leader in the emerging world of children’s phones, Gabb Wireless is poised to help parents and kids alike feel safer and more connected than ever, helping provide a simple solution to adults pressing communication issues with their offspring for years to come