How Artificial intelligence is improving video editing

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Artificial intelligence is transforming our perspective towards several lifestyle facets. However, niche or technical, video editing is one such process that we come across at some point in our professional or personal life. 

AI is transforming video editing too. 

Gone are the days when creating a few minutes of video content seemed like an impossible task. Artificial intelligence in video editing has enabled everyone to create engaging videos without professional experience. 

But what makes the amalgam of AI and video editing so successful? Moreover, what is AI video editing to begin with? We answer many such questions with this article. 

AI and video editing 

Have you ever edited or tried editing a video? We fail to notice it, but AI has been an integral part of video editing since the beginning. A prime example of this is YouTube, which uses AI technology to tweak videos on its platform to make it more contextual for its viewers from various parts of the world (for example, auto-subtitles on the platform).

Online video editors also use AI to help you quickly create meaningful videos seamlessly to share directly with the world. 

AI helps organise content. 

Skimming through a barrage of visual, audio, animative textual content to texturally edit each with the other to convey a point is only the beginning of how messy video editing can get. Arranging the content categorically is another battle. AI has enabled a smooth system of deploying content and editing it independently. 

Using an online video editor, you can arrange different content on the timeline and use features like crop and trim to edit sections of your footage. Rather than using an additional tool or working on the footage separately, with AI in video editing, you can make the changes to the movie directly using a portable online video editing software tool.  There are also options like eliminating audio from the video and scaling image transparency, which you can implement on the editor using options like “remove audio” and “erase background”

You don’t need to be a professional editor

The most outstanding example of how AI makes human life easy in video editing. An AI-enabled video editor includes templates, transitions, stock footage, and animations for easy use to create stunning videos without professional experience or assistance. The sheer volume of pre-developed and AI-powered content on video editors, especially online ones, allow variety in editing short and long-form videos. 

From adding your brand logo into a slide to matching the overall theme of the video to your brand color or using shapes and effects to make your texts more lively – the opportunities for someone who has never edited a video but wants to make one quickly are endless. 

Effectiveness of video editors increases with AI 

It’s not that professionals don’t need AI in video editing, or novice editors only require video editing tools with AI. There have been many instances of AI taking complete control of video editing — one such example is IBM’s AI video editing tool that created a movie trailer (Morgan), all on its own in 2016. Although far-fetched, it is still an indicator of how AI can assist in professional editing work. 

Aspects like color correction and image stabilization were a worrying subject in the past. But, AI-enabled video editing tools quickly and conveniently help implement these elements in edits. In a nutshell, even for professional video editors, AI-powered video editing tools are a blessing in disguise. 

Because it’s automated, it’s better. 

Learning and adapting is what AI does best. Hence, the opportunity for error in many cases reduces dramatically. 

Are we there yet? 

AI is still in its preliminary stages. There is still a long way to go to make video editing a fully automated task for the masses. Planning out content, choosing the right images, proofreading text, applying voice-overs and music based on the theme of the video, and other facets still require a human touch.

Here is how you can use AI to make your video stunning 

The existence of an online video editor is proof that video editing is for everyone. You can use these editors, powered by AI, to create compelling and life-like videos. If you are readying to shoot, here are some things you can do to edit without feeling confused. 

  • Start by gathering all content in place. This may include video footage, images, audio files, and more that you want to use
  • Arrange all the footage and images you want to use for your video on the online editor’s timeline. 
  • Edit each video independently or together on the timeline. Things like cutting the existing video or increasing the time-length of an image can also be performed on the editor. 
  • Use a template or start from scratch and use transitions, effects and animations to make a simple compilation of images engaging. 
  • Adding audio to your video is also easy. With just a few clicks, you can record your audio or import pre-existing audio files to attach to the editor’s timeline.
  • Just like that, your video is ready to be shared. You can directly share your video from the online tool to your Facebook or Youtube page. Yes, you can. 

Reading the steps, you will realize that AI has been persistent at every level. Whether it’s the transitions or an effect to the text, it’s all powered by AI. 


In the end, we need to understand that video is one of the most common and engaging forms of media consumed across the world. So, from wedding videos to corporate slideshows, video is the best method to convey your message. AI in video editing helps you make videos quick. Provided you use the right tools, stunning video creation is only a few actions away. That being said, we cannot rely on AI entirely. Yes, today, there is no dearth of video editing software out there, but all are not suitable for everyone. However, you can use various editing tools to create instant videos for social media, corporate, home, and more. 

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