Hiring an online chemistry tutor could be more effective for your child

Are online Chemistry tutors just for struggling students with low grades?

No. That’s a misconception. Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses since Chemistry is such a broad field of science. You’ll find that some students are excellent at interpreting theoretical concepts but struggle with the technical aspects. The role of a tutor is to ensure that students gain mastery in both theory and calculations.

Here are four reasons that will make you want to hire an online chemistry tutor for your child right away.

1.     Personalized professional help

In high school, each Chemistry lesson runs for 40 minutes. A college lecture can range between 1-3 hours, depending on the depth of the course unit. In both scenarios, the Chemistry teacher cannot teach and effectively distribute their personal attention to each student. The time duration only allows him or her to broadcast information and answer a handful of questions.

Online learning facilitates one-on-one interaction between the tutor and student throughout the lesson. If your child needs help with a certain formula, the online tutor won’t mind going through it repeatedly.

2.     Access to the latest Chemistry textbooks

Some schools are more well-equipped than others. Perhaps the main reason why Chemistry is your child’s academic Achilles’ heel could be the lack of adequate textbooks and class notes. If his or her Chemistry teacher struggles to obtain lesson notes from outdated textbooks, the students can only perform poorly.

One advantage of chemistry tutors at Preply is they have several memberships to globally recognized universities’ libraries. This enables them to receive the latest edition of Chemistry textbooks for high school, college, and postgraduate studies. The best part about it is that you won’t pay any additional fees to access these books.

3.     Conducive learning environment

Students are usually engaged in either two activities during ongoing lessons. Attentive students have their eyes trained on their teacher and you’ll see them jotting down notes frequently. If a student finds a lesson boring, you’ll find them sketching images on their notepads, staring blankly outside the classroom window, or making noise with other distracted peers.

When your child is taking an online chemistry course, he or she will probably be inside the living room or their bedroom. You can get rid of any distractions by seizing their phones and tablets until they complete the day’s assignments. In this setting, they are free from classmates who would want to distract them during ongoing Chemistry lessons.

4.     Learning from the first-hand experience

Chemistry tutoring websites such as Preply hire online tutors from every part of the world. This enables clients to find online chemistry tutors who have a deep understanding of their country’s syllabus. An online chemistry tutor who aced major Chemistry exams in high school and the university has a better understanding of challenging topics.


Online learning is best suited for all students because it offers personalized professional attention, which is quite rare in traditional academic institutions.

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