How I had a healthy holiday

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So, I just got back from holiday and usually I am very afraid of weighing myself, but not this time.

I did not workout on this week’s holiday in Florida, because I didn’t have time. Honestly, we were getting up and walking miles every day (round the theme parks that is!). But the theme parks are a haven of horrid, unhealthy food, so how did I go about avoiding the trap of buying hot dogs and turkey legs (yes, those turkey legs are 1,037 calories each, I found out, and I thought that might be the healthy option!)

me2These were my rules:

1. Heading out? Take your own snacks – healthy ones.

2. If you are going to buy lunch, shop around, see what’s available. Go for salad over the corn dog.

3. Drink water – keep hydrated and it fills you up. Avoid soda at all costs!

4. Keep active. Use the holiday to rest and recuperate, as well as to be active and do something you’ve not done before.

5. Don’t be afraid to eat differently. If everyone is having pizza, take a small slice or earn respect by ordering a salad. I used to worry about this, for fear of being mocked, but now I see it as my right and my choice – and it’s one I am proud of.

6. Enjoy a drink, but don’t over do it….!

Healthy eating is a way of life and it’s the right path!

Piloxing is the new big thing

It’s taking Hollywood by storm, so why not give it a go? I hear that in the UK it’s the new hot thing to get working out to, so I am proud to be part of that movement!

This is me in action!