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Healthy Commissions Reviews – Smart Make Money Online System

Healthy Commissions has launched a new marketing campaign featuring an eBook called The Only Niche You Will Ever Need.

Written by Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, the eBook explains how ordinary people are using this niche to make over $6,742 per day with just four simple steps. According to the authors, people with limited marketing or eCommerce experience are joining this niche while making millions from home.

What are Healthy Commissions? What is this niche, and how does it work? Can you make thousands per day without leaving your home? Keep reading to discover everything we know about The Only Niche You Will Ever Need eBook.

What is The Only Niche You Will Ever Need?

The Only Niche You Will Ever Need a free eBook and guide published online by Healthy Commissions, part of the Ultimate Freedom family of products launched by affiliate marketers Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer.

Anyone can download the guide for free via Just enter your email address, agree to receive marketing communication from the company, then read the guide to discover a unique niche.

Healthy Commissions makes bold claims about the niche and how it works, but goes into great detail explaining and backing up all of the statements. To discover what the niche is and how it can make you rich quickly, you need to read the book.

Here are some of the facts about The Only Niche You Will Ever Need, according to Healthy Commissions:

  • Ordinary people can make $6,742.64 per day (over $2.5 million per year) in this niche, even during a lockdown.
  • Competition “doesn’t matter” because it’s a billion-dollar niche where even smaller players can compete.
  • One complete beginner made $377,771 with this system since starting in February 2020, and you can copy exactly what he did.
  • “Ordinary people” like teachers, nurses, and others are using this “weird hack” to get rich quick in four simple steps.
  • Anyone can use this strategy to earn 4-figures per day without leaving your home.

Obviously, these are big and bold claims to present, albeit true, rare or unique. According to Healthy Commissions, you can expect to make anywhere from $365,000 to $2.5 million per year by following this program – regardless of the competition in the niche.

Overall, the Healthy Commissions team claims “ordinary people” have earned $57 million by following their system.

What is the Healthy Commissions System?

By signing up to read The Only Niche You Will Ever Need, you’re entering the Healthy Commissions sales funnel. That funnel features eBooks, live coaching, online guides, and instructional videos, among other products.

The ultimate goal is to transform you from a free reader into a paying customer – similar to the goal of any sales funnel.

After signing up for The Only Niche You Will Ever Need, you’ll see the full spectrum Healthy Commissions has to offer with all of its available products and services on the following page, including:

Live Coaching Session

Readers will be asked to join a live coaching session featuring Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones. It’s described as a “free online coaching workshop.” During the workshop, Cramer and Jones explain the exact four-step system their followers have used to make $6,000 per day at home during a lockdown. Other topics covered during the coaching session include:

Why “literally anyone” can replicate this success and start earning $6,000 per day.

  • How anyone can get started with no website or tech skills
  • How to create a complete money-making campaign in under 20 minutes and start testing it for $5
  • Why one winning marketing campaign can transform your life
  • How this system does all of the heavy liftings for you, allowing you to make $2.5 million per year without working hard
  • The simple steps you can use to start making cash within 30 days of the webinar

Overall, the live coaching session explains why you should sign up for the system and explains how anyone can make money by joining today.

Shocking Case Studies Video & eBook

Healthy Commissions has published a video and eBook called Shocking Case Studies. You’ll discover interesting case studies from top students of the Healthy Commissions program, including the real stories of real customers generating $6,000 per day through the system. A free video is available on the sales page, and you can download the eBook for free to learn more.

Psychological Traffic Secrets Video

In this 18 minute video, Cramer and Jones explain how ordinary people can generate traffic online and force that traffic through a sales funnel. The video highlights the power of inbound marketing, making customers want to visit your website without forcing them to visit.

After consuming all of these products and services, you can download The Only Niche You Will Ever Need eBook. Just click the link, and you’ll view a PDF copy of the eBook.

What Will You Learn in The Only Niche You Will Ever Need eBook?

The Only Niche You Will Ever Need a 35-page eBook that convinces you that anyone can earn four figures per day without leaving the house.

The eBook teaches you a simple system for making money online:

Step 1) Create a way to drive traffic.

Step 2) Find a way to monetize that traffic.

If you can convince 1,000 people to visit your website, and if you can convince 5% of those visitors to buy a product for $100, then you can earn $5,000 per day through this system.

Instead of drawing traffic through your site through social media or other sources, the Healthy Commissions team recommends buying traffic. Once you have traffic, monetizing that traffic is easy.

The eBook vaguely explains the system without going into much detail. In fact, most of the eBook is spent convincing you that you can earn millions of dollars per year by following the system. The eBook is filled with screenshots of ordinary users’ affiliate earnings.

The eBook dispels the myth that smaller users should focus on smaller niches to make money; instead, you should focus on larger, billion-dollar niches. Getting 0.1% of a billion-dollar niche is better than getting 25% of a smaller niche.

Ultimately, the eBook introduces you to the four simple steps for making money online:

Step 1) Create a Facebook advertising account and “warm-up” that account. Spend a small amount of money over a few weeks in a specific way. This activity tells Facebook your advertising account is legitimate, and it will prevent Facebook from shutting down your account in the future. Typically, Facebook cracks down harshly on new accounts, promoting low-quality products and services online.

Step 2) Choose something to promote. The Healthy Commissions team recommends promoting offers in the health niche because it’s a billion-dollar space with lots of opportunities. They describe these products and services as Money Machine offers.

Step 3) Create your advertisement. Create an advertisement by copying the text and images of other advertisements you like. Use psychology tricks to convince people to read your copy and click on the ad.

Step 4) Send advertising traffic to a ‘pre-sell page.’ This page shifts users into a buying mode.

Step 5) Test, optimize, and scale. Test the strategy on small traffic numbers, spending just a few dollars on advertising. Then, as you get a few conversions, scale up your advertising to reach wider audiences. Healthy Commissions recommends starting with an initial budget of $5 per day, then rising to $25 per day.

By walking through this system, Cramer and Jones claim anyone can get out of debt, replace a job, have more time and freedom, and take a big vacation – all without leaving the house.

About Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer are affiliate marketers best-known for launching the Overnight Freedom moneymaking program. The two have earned a fortune through the affiliate marketing platform Clickbank. Since 2018, they’ve been teaching other people how to enjoy similar success.

The ultimate goal of Healthy Commissions and The Only Niche You Will Ever Need eBook is to reveal the coveted Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition, priced between $500 to $2,000. It’s a detailed affiliate business training blueprint that explains how to replicate the success of Jones and Cramer. This is not your average run of the mill guide either, it is step by step macro to micro level strategies being used by this powerful, trusted and well respected duo.

You can learn more about Jones and Cramer, including their paths to success, at their official blog at

Final Verdict About Healthy Commissions

There’s a reason most people aren’t rich. Getting rich is hard. Healthy Commissions has launched an eBook called The Only Niche You Will Ever Need that helps consolidate and concisely reveal why most over complicate the matter and do not have the necessary tools or knowledge to get started on the right path. Just follow their five-step process towards Healthy Commissions, and you could be earning over $2.5 million per year ($6,600+ per day) in weeks – all without leaving your home (although rare obviously).

It’s possible some people can earn a huge income by following the Healthy Commissions system. Plus, it costs nothing to download The Only Niche You Will Ever Need eBook. You can download the materials, decide if it’s right for you, then decide if you want to go further with Healthy Commissions coaching.

It’s also important to note that Jones and Cramer have legitimate affiliate marketing success: the two have made a lot of money through Clickbank affiliate marketing sales. Now, they want to teach others to enjoy similar success by walking them through the exact steps you can take today to drive traffic and monetize that traffic.

The moneymaking system isn’t rocket science: you create a website or offer, pay for Facebook advertising traffic, then funnel customers towards that offer. It’s possible you’ll make $6,500+ per day with this system – but it’s also possible you’ll lose money.

However, there is one thing that is true in life about business and making money online – 1) follow the right people 2) act on the right information. Applying these two components into any business model could and will have dramatic effects on the outcome.

To learn more about Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer’s The Only Niche You Will Ever Need and the package of other products, visit today.


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