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Hair today, gone tomorrow: Delegates lose their locks for kid cancer foundation

Photo above: Dels. Sid Saab and Eric Luedtke shorn for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. (By Rebecca Lessner for

By Rebecca Lessner

For the

Some delegates shave their heads because they don’t have much hair left. Dels. Sid Saab and Eric Luedtke shaved away their thick locks this session to raise over $4,000 in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which is dedicated to childhood cancer research.

Luedtke was the first to go under the shears  weeks ago, with Saab following suit on Wednesday.

Saab turned one of the delegation rooms into a barbershop, where fellow legislators could stop by to witness.

Saab Reilly Andrew

(Photos compliment of Del. Sid Saab’s office)


The delegates learned of the foundation through friends and after the multiple fundraisers held in Saab’s home-county.

“Overall, with the two or three events in Anne Arundel County, they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Luedtke.

If you’d like to participate, you can sign up as a “shavee” in St. Baldrick’s fund raising event on April 18th, located at the Homewood Field in Baltimore.


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