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Guide to CBD Infused with Nootropics

The CBD market has been booming in the past couple of years as one of the most incredible nootropics out there. What is a nootropic? Well, it’s a drug that can enhance memory or other cognitive functions, as well as many others. In the recent years, it’s important to know that you’re getting a good CBD formula, and while it can act somewhat as a nootropic as a standalone, other companies like Onnit and Bulletproof, as well as other brands in the world have been increasing memory function and cognitive progression for years.

What is Nootropic Infused CBD?

If you’re a humongous fan of brain enhancers, or you’re just the regular CBD user trying to get extra benefits, you can greatly add more than just the staples of CBD to your mind and body. When you’re looking for the right one, you want to be sure that you get the proper nutrients and enhancements that can really work – not just placebos. Certain natural elements and even herbs can help greatly in this, such as the ginkgo biloba movement and ginseng movement years ago when it hit the mainstream as a “super drug”.

Add that to the powerful effects of CBD isolate, and you can greatly increase the number of nootropics and brain enhancement, plus you also get a specially formulated carrier which can also benefit your body more than just coconut oil (although it’s still in many of these products).

Isn’t CBD a Nootropic?

The truth is, CBD itself is a nootropic, however, there are other things that come with using CBD as well, and even though there is a lot of hype surrounding it, it has been proven in clinical studies to actually work for numerous uses and ailments. So what if you packed a healthy nootropic to enhance your mind even further, and then infuse it with CBD? Well, by adding CBD isolate to it, you’d be literally getting a similar “entourage effect” that multiple cannabinoids could offer you, just without having to include things like THC, and other cannabinoids, therefore furthering the productivity of the CBD itself.

Get a Little Boost!

Think about it this way – caffeine is also a natural nootropic. So what if you mixed caffeine, essential amino acids like L-Theanine and Creatine (famous in pre-workout formulas), Rhodiola rosea, Ginseng, and even Ginkgo Biloba, all into a conveniently packaged tube that can deliver both the nootropics AND the CBD isolate it’s infused with?

Conclusion: The ViCalm Difference

By offering the use of nootropics like the above herbs and ingredients mentioned, and then fusing CBD isolate to the mix, you can actually get a product like ViCalm, which offers not only CBD to your body and mind, but also the amazing ingredients that are found in most “smart drugs” out there. The ViCalm CBD products are made with all-natural ingredients and aren’t around for personal gain, but actually to help people. They offer two different premixed blends and offer people a quick “slamming” pocket pack that allows you to toss the blended powder into a drink and get a shot to kickstart your mind.

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