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While many US-based businesses have been outsourcing their call center needs overseas to the Philippines with much success, there is still a large sector of the US business demographic that maintains a strong defense against this practice.

Quality of staff, language barrier, and maintaining a strong brand with your customer base – these are all very important, and understandable considerations any smart business owner would maintain. So perhaps the risk/reward of significantly lower labor costs and the ability to focus on your business’ core competencies aren’t enticing enough for you to make the switch?

Maybe you don’t believe outsourcing your call center needs to the Philippines would work for your business in particular?

Well, let’s take a quick look into these areas of concern and see if we can make you a believer, starting with the reduced labor costs. The reduced labor costs are simply a byproduct of a lower cost of living overseas. It’s important not to assume and correlate reduced spending on labor, to any less quality of the service you’re paying for. Remember that people are people, regardless of their geographic location; and many US-based business owners fail to realize one important factor when it comes to hiring overseas… Appreciation and gratitude for the work.

This is simply a byproduct of the economy, and to a certain extent, the culture – which leads to an increased level of quality work, and the desire to keep the job once they’ve landed the position. Jobs are cherished and taken seriously once given the opportunity to earn an honest living. It doesn’t end at the employees either.

Successfully operating call centers in the Philippines establish the proper training, management, and detail you would expect of a high-priced call center based in the US. Again, this is simply because business and relationships hold what seems to be a higher meaning overseas. This goes back to the significance of appreciation and gratitude.

Now you may be thinking, appreciation and gratitude are great, but the language barrier might be too much of an issue for you, out of the fear it’ll hurt your brand. Humbly, this is simply another fear that cannot be backed by the numbers. It’s merely an assumption.

Further, overseas call centers make it a point to train their staff extensively to follow and blend into your business’s company culture, lingo, and mission. What you would expect out of a call center based in the US, you can maintain those same expectations, if not more, if you were to outsource your call center needs to a legitimate company based in the Philippines.

Now once you do decide to hire overseas, researching and making the decision on the actual call center you want to hire in the Philippines is another story. Award-winning outsourcing providers, such as PITON-Global, make it easy for US companies to migrate their call center outsourcing requirements offshore. 

 If your goal is to reduce labor costs, increase your company’s level of customer experience and service; which will, in turn, allow you to increase productivity within all areas of your company by being able to focus on your core competencies… It may be time for you to consider outsourcing your call center needs overseas to the Philippines.

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