GRY talks about his latest release “Now or Never” Ft. Nevve and Thomas Gold

Joining the team recently with the Dharma label, music producer GRY is reviving EDM fans with his latest single debut titled: “Now or Never” which has only been out since April 23, 2021. This hot new track with singer Nevve (Keely Bumford), and also features the impressive skills of long-time house dance producer Thomas Gold.

GRY has employed many levels of virtual sound layers combined with an equally catchy hook that takes you on a trip to Future House vibes you’ve never heard before. Filled with lyrical inspiration that fills your ears with upbeat ambiance, the likes of which Katy Perry might be wondering why she’s not following suit? Interestingly enough, the soft-sell Influence of Middle-eastern music influence GRY has brought to the table, takes a great turn musically. His upbringing from Turkey has also served as a background in the EDM circuit and gave him plenty of influence to explore multi-genre music styles.

This mixture of epic inspiration and passage into the unknown gives “Now or Never,” an exciting layer unto itself. At times this song invokes the musical talents of Enya secretly moonlighting with an earthy woodwind flute version supplied by Enigma. The baseline itself never steps over its boundaries and syncs in with a sound that is pleasantly pounding. At a time when EDM has seen a decline due to the global lockdowns, GRY (aka Ali Grey) has emerged with his latest experimental works under the watchful eye of KSHMR’s Dharma label. As a testimony to the response received, GRY is very satisfied with Thomas Gold’s production and participation on this track.

As a result, GRY is one of the latest newcomers to the music production scene but has equally earned his wings from plenty of underground Big House performances. Combining a background of British-Turkish squat parties throughout London at just 16 years old, Ali Grey would otherwise earn his stage name GRY. Unlike most DJs, Ali is a trained musician learning piano, violin, and drums in his childhood growing up in Turkey. This led to his experimentation into rave and hip hop styles that captured melodramatic moods with real musical chord progressions. Thanks to electronic media, GRY adapted to using synthesizers and drum machines to compliment his beats.

Styles contributing to his unique blend of music include Drum & Bass, old-school Dubstep, and progressive alternative groove. Impressive as it may sound, GRY has traveled through more than 40 countries around the world. His experience has given him an outlook beyond the typical digital nomad title and is now settling into entrepreneurial ventures. Taking lessons from his well-rounded experience as a DJ, he is continuing his quest to create a digital sound realm that’s inspiring. As many new musical projects are in the works, GRY still finds time to entertain new concepts for music and visuals. These are performances that allow for audio experiences within an audience to reach new levels of imagination.

You might say that these hybrid music sets aren’t exactly a new concept, but bringing these select multi-genre beats to global audiences is still somewhat regional. His recent performances since 2016 in Taipei, incorporate visual animations with his blend of creative mindscape music. The real success of his live DJ-hybrid music sets has given him extended coverage through EDM.Com, WeRaveYou,, and Mixmag Asia. But the real story here is his latest single “Now or Never”- which is quickly grabbing the imagination of music lovers who are sharing this single online and among their friend’s all-through social media.

We recently had a chance to catch up with GRY and ask Mr. Grey a few short questions before he needed to catch a flight out of town. Here’s what he could tell us about his newly released single:

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A couple of weeks have passed since you debuted with “Now or Never,” What do you think of this release so far?

This was my debut release under the “GRY” project, and it surpassed my expectations. We are just under a million streams in a month and have had great feedback about the track. The warm welcome we received from the fans is really inspiring. I’m beyond grateful.

The song came out on KSHMR’s Dharma imprint. What’s it like Working with the imprint?

The DHARMA team has been very helpful with the release of the track. They genuinely care about developing new artists. Special shout out to Andrew, Chase, and llan for bringing this together. I can’t wait to work with them again.

Any upcoming music plans? What can the fans look forward to this year?

As a multi-genre DJ, I am naturally also a multi-genre producer. I plan to experiment with different styles and genres and not settle for the same sound. I also plan to tour around Taiwan, where I currently live.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to collaborate with KSHMR!

What is the one thing you want to see happen by the end of 2021?

I think everyone wishes for the same. We all want this pandemic to end. Or at least have everyone vaccinated, so we can transition to holding more festivals again. It would be wonderful to party and celebrate life with friends again. That’s what living’s about, after all.

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