Growing Taller After Puberty with Exercises & Stretching

To lots of people, it is impossible to get taller after attaining puberty. While this seems to make some sense, it is only impossible not to grow taller if you do not make any attempts at growing taller.

Some people have been able to grow taller after getting to puberty without even making use of a surgical procedure. I am certain there are presently lots of questions on your mind as regards growing taller after puberty. If the questions on your mind have remained unanswered for a long time, you do not have to worry as you are on the right page. This article contains tips which can help you grow taller even after getting to puberty with the use of these exercises.

Does Science Have any Opinion about Growing Taller After Puberty?

The view of science about growing taller after puberty matters a lot. This is because although people from various parts of the world might have different social, political, and even religious views, virtually everyone agrees with science.

According to science, after puberty, the growth plates get fused. With this, the increase in height ceases. While this can be said to be the norm, it is not entirely true. There is an exception to the spine.

Unlike other bones in the body, the spine is malleable. The implication of this is even after puberty, growth in the spine can still occur. However, for this to occur, one has to take part in certain exercises. The amazing thing about growing taller is if you are able to lengthen your spine, other parts of your body also follow suit.

How Does the Spine Differ From Other Bones in the Body?

The spine is not one major bone. It is a series of bones that are connected by cartilages. There is one way it differs from other bones in the body. There are 33 bones in the spine. These bones are not absolutely fused. They have some space which makes them malleable.

The spaces between the bones that make up the spine are basically collagen fiber. This implies that if you can successfully increase the distance between the spaces of the bones that make up the spine, you can actually grow taller.

How to Make your Spine Longer

There are some steps in getting your spine longer. The first of all these steps is to get a good posture. This includes both your posture while sitting, as well as your posture while standing. With a good posture, you can correct misalignments in your spine. With misalignments in your spine, it is impossible to walk tall and this will give you an appearance of being short.

That’s not all. When the vertebral discs are misaligned, it becomes difficult for growth to occur in the spine.

While having a good posture can deal with any issues relating to misalignment of the spine, the realigned spine will have to be maintained in the right position. To get this done, you will need to go through certain exercises. To get the best from these exercises, you have to make them a daily routine.

How to correct a Poor Posture

We live in the technology age and at this age, lots of people have devices such as PCs and phones which make them always bend their backs.

Although technology has come to stay, you do not have to remain with a bad posture even while reaping what technology has to offer. Certain exercises can help you control, your posture.

One of these exercises involves leaning against the wall while standing. When at this, your heels, the back of your head, and your back should all touch the wall at the same time.

How to Maintain the Right Posture

It is one thing to correct a back posture and another to maintain a good posture. It is vital to maintain your posture if you must grow taller. Also, maintaining a good posture can help you maintain your new height.

To maintain your posture, you simply need to form new habits. Always stick to habits that keep your back straight when sitting, as well as when you are standing.

How to Lengthen Your Spine

By now, you already know that keeping your spine stretched can help you grow taller. This implies that to grow taller, you will need to increase the distance between the bones that make up your spine.

While it is very possible to grow taller by sticking to the right posture, there is more to growing taller. To grow taller and rapidly too, you will need to constantly feed on the right diet, exercise your spine, and have the right amount of sleep.

The Right Diet: The intervertebral discs are made of proteins and amino acids. This implies that you need a good level of proteins to enjoy growth in height. In addition to eating protein, you will also need calcium and Vitamin D. After making use of the right diet in the journey to grow taller, you do not have to end at just the right diet. If you find the right diet not fast enough, you can incorporate growth supplements to the entire process.

The right diet does not just help you grow taller, it can also help you stay away from diseases which affect the bones. While trying to grow taller, the last thing you want is to get affected by any bone disease. In addition to feeding on meals that are very rich in nutrients, it is also very important that you take in the right amount water as a good level of hydration can also make your bone free from several bone diseases.

Spine Exercise: There are lots of exercises that work on the body in several ways. So, to lengthen your spine, you will have to make use of exercises that are targeted at making the spine longer. One way to do this is to install a monkey bar that is high enough for you to jump and grab it. Once installed, making a regular activity to jump and grab the monkey bar. Once grabbed, swing back and forth until you feel a stretch in your back. Also, refrain from squatting and carrying heavyweights.