Glitter and Shine: The shaping of celebrity jeweler Franky Diamond

When we’re growing up, a 9-5 job is what most of us are taught to aim for. But as soon as we get one, we realize that life’s about more than just having a respectable job and a steady income. While many people tend to put up with the system, some carve a path of their own and leave behind an inspiring story for others to follow. Ali Lalani, popularly known as Franky Diamond is one such celebrity jeweler who left his 9-5 job to become a pioneer in the diamond industry.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Lalani grew up in a simple family. His grandfather and father had moved to the country with less than $1000 in hand, and built a life for themselves through hard work. Lalani got his degree in Business Administration and started working as a financial analyst for Price Waterhouse, one of the top four accounting companies in the country. After working there for a few years, he realized that accounting wasn’t his calling. So, he decided to ditch the corporate life and follow his dreams.

Lalani’s father and grandfather were skilled jewelry makers and taught him how to design his very own pieces. Soon, Lalani realized that he enjoyed designing jewelry and wanted to make a career out of it. He set out to continue his family’s legacy and co-founded White Carat Co, a premier retailer specializing in diamond jewelry. “I chose a career that would impact the new generation. We are told to find that perfect 9-5 job. I wanted to break that trend. I wanted to work on something that would not only benefit me but also a team of individuals around me,” Lalani said. What began as a company with only two individuals is now a company of 19 skilled men, working together to manufacture beautiful diamond jewelry. “White carat is not just a brand; it is a lifestyle,” Lalani continued.

Franky’s modern designs and philanthropic nature have made him a celebrity jeweler in Canada with over 42k followers on Instagram. Full of intricate jewelry designs and diamond-encrusted watches, Franky Diamond Toronto’s Instagram handle is a treat for bling-lovers.

Like a diamond in the rough, Ali Lalani turned his life around and polished himself to become one of the finest jewelers in Canada. His story is an inspiration to everyone who is stuck in the corporate rut to follow their dreams and stay true to their roots.