Getting healthy in the D.C. area means sweating it out

Bet you never thought about giving the gift of sweat for the holidays; however, in fact, as silly as this may sound at first, in reality, when it comes to good health, it’s a really important gift.  Everyone sweats at times – sometimes more and sometimes less.  In fact, there are very different types of sweat at different times of the day and under different circumstances (i.e.: a doctor’s appointment, racing to the airport, working out, or even going crazy while cheering on the Ravens). Sweating brings out your best health…with a purpose!  That purpose is to regulate your body temperature and reduce the toxin level in your body.

For many of us, working out equates with being healthy.  It brings endorphins, clears our heads, and gets us working at a peak level.  But did you know that you can take that even a step further by employing a few pre-workout tricks?  More on those in a bit, but for now a short primer on sweat.  It will certainly help you in the long run.  Sweat is not just heat dripping off our bodies.  It is also a very important control mechanism for each and every one of us.  It carries toxins out of the body, as well as extra salt and minerals we don’t need.  It regulates our temperatures and enables our muscles to work better.  It also helps us tone up a bit.  Since everyone sweats differently, there are natural remedies to help you sweat more productively, tighten problem areas, and make your workout count even more.

It’s often said that “sweat is magic.  Cover yourself in it daily to grant your deepest wishes.”  As silly as that may seem, it is actually true.  Efficient (during a workout or other exercise) does make a tremendous difference in the body.  This form of sweat removes more toxins from the body, while tightening the areas it comes from.  This is the type of sweat we want when we’re looking to achieve physical goals. To find ways to make your sweat more productive, you don’t have to do extra work.  Look no further than SweatZone.  This natural product helps your body perform at a peak level while releasing its most efficient sweat of the day.

As adults, we never get the amount of free time we want.  As teenagers or college students we are constantly on the go. This “on the go” mentality comes with consequences ranging from exhaustion to a lack of enough time to get in the kind of workout we truly desire.  As a result, there are a myriad of products are designed to prevent sweating.  It’s ironic though, that preventing sweating is the least healthy way to go, with the exception of using deodorant. In fact, report after report talks about how sweating (a normal amount) is healthy.  It’s another body process that doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits will be on the table in less than a week.  Not to mention pumpkin pie with whipped topping.  Once the food coma wears off (and it will), the first thing people begin to think about, even before Black Friday shopping, is their diet, and of course, the need to exercise.  It’s also the number one New Year’s Resolution made after the holidays are over.  In fact, there’s even a day in early January called Motivation Monday, which was designed to help people keep their diet and exercise resolutions progressing.

You can always be an early adopter and start the process early.  The result will be feeling better and stronger throughout the holidays.  Getting a jumpstart on diet and exercise may be just the proverbial ticket to make them less stressful.  If you agree, consider giving the gift of health to yourself, (and anyone you need a gift for). SweatZone is a natural gel that you rub on specific parts of your body to help make your sweat more productive, enhance your workout (or daily running around during the holidays), and tone a bit in the process.  It’s convenient. You’ll find it in Walmart, on Amazon, from the company directly at

You might not think of the gift of health first this year – but it doesn’t have to replace that game, electronic gift, or another item your recipient wants.  It may just be something to put in their stocking.  That way, when Santa asks about your year, you can say you’re helping yourself, and others, to be their healthiest selves.