Get to know Yana Mann: Her Life Story, Musical Journey, and The Rise to Fame

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St. Petersburg-born mezzo-soprano Yana Mann captures hearts with her stunning voice, musical versatility, and unwavering determination. This rising star leaves audiences spellbound with her unique blend of classical, operatic, and hauntingly beautiful musical stylings.

With a musical background that started at the age of 12 when she joined the choir at the prestigious Mariinsky Theatre, Mann has always been driven to explore different genres and sounds. Mann’s musical journey has constantly grown and evolved from participating in music competitions to joining a metal band at 16.

In 2020, Mann released her debut album “Poemas de Bar, Op. 12,” a collection of songs composed by minimalist Julián De La Chica and published by Irreverence Group Music. The CD delves into the talks that are taking place at five in the morning in a pub in New York City and features Mann’s mesmerizing voice.

Her performance at Carnegie Hall in February 2022 was a watershed moment for Mann since it was the first time that De La Chica’s “Poemas de Bar, Op. 12” and the song cycle “Arias Florentinas” were heard in public. Both pieces were written specifically for the vocalist by De La Chica. The performance of these two cycles by Mann was a heart-wrenching homage to the confessional and gloomy tone, and it was accompanied by the composer playing the piano.

With the release of “Mandala,” a compilation of six poems for vocal and synths, and the first part of her album “Paisaje Nihilista,” Mann continued to demonstrate her musical prowess. De La Chica is involved in the cycle’s composition, which took place in 2014, and it includes poems written by Susan Campos-Fonseca, a musicologist and writer from Costa Rica.

Born on 5 May 1986 in Saint Petersburg, with a background rooted in her family of teachers and music education at the Rimsky-Korsakov Faculty of Music and the Tchaikovsky Academic Faculty of Music at the Moscow State Conservatory of Music, Mann is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her musical journey has just kicked off, so keep an eye out for this up-and-coming sensation.