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How to Get a Freelance Writing Job

We live in a very fast-paced world. Businesses come and go in the blink of an eye. Once a company starts doing work, it can be gone within the next week, because demand shifted or something like that. This being the case, it can sometimes be extremely hard to understand whereabouts you fit in in all of it. What’s your purpose in life? What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? One of the junctures that we usually have to stare these sorts of questions right in the face is when we get a job. We have to really take a look at ourselves and ask, what do you want to do? And what are you good at? We don’t always like the answer we get, as you might want to do something that is somewhat out of your reach. Or you might find that what you are good at, isn’t what you like at all. One of the jobs that is increasing in popularity that you might like the sound of is being a freelance writer. What exactly does this mean? It means you work for companies by doing small tasks that they need done, on a contract that lasts no more than a month. You might form a long-term contract with a company, but this doesn’t mean that you now solely work for them. As a freelancer, you accrue work from a lot of different places. So if you are sitting there thinking that this sounds like the kind of job for you, let me enlighten you in how you go about getting a freelance job.

Freelance websites

 The most direct way to land a freelance job (especially if you are just starting out), is through one of the many freelancing sites on the internet. These sites compile a large number of jobs that companies need doing so that freelancers can scroll through these jobs and pick something that they want to do. Usually, the website gets a cut from these jobs, but you’ll also get paid too! This is a great little trick when you are just starting out in the freelancing business as it can be hard to know where exactly to go to find these jobs. You don’t know who to contact to get them. Sites all around the internet have freelance resume writing jobs online just waiting for a talented freelancer to come and take up the task. Give one of them a visit after reading this, scroll through their list of jobs and see if there are any that suit you.

Build a portfolio

It’s all well and good wanting to be a freelance writer. But the truth is that no company is going to take you on board unless you have a sufficient amount of evidence that showcases your skills when writing. But how do you do this without doing a freelance job? You build a portfolio. A portfolio is a selection of work that you have done that showcases your writing abilities to whomever may be looking at it. This document is meant to give employers an insight into what you are able to do with a pen, and what sort of writing style they should be expecting from you. As you do more and more jobs when freelancing, you can add to your portfolio until you have a eclectic variety of different types of writing to impress near enough any employer. A portfolio is a very important aspect of landing freelancing jobs, because there is no interview stage, an employer completely relies on whatever you send through to them, to make the decision whether or not they are going to employ you. So you have to make sure that the work in your portfolio is your best work and showcases you in an extremely positive fashion. If you build your portfolio up well, you’ll find that the jobs start to fly in!

There you have it, nobody is saying that being a freelance writer is particularly easy, but what can be said for sure is that it’s a definite change of pace from your classic office job where you go in at 9 and leave at 5. Freelancing is based much more in self-management and keeping yourself busy. If it sounds like the sort of profession you’d like to look into, then follow our two main tips in order to see if anything happens. You may find a job you love on a website, and might start building a portfolio too!



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  1. Jessica says:

    This was such a great list. Upwork is probably my favorite of the freelancing sites. You didn’t mention Writing Jobs Online though. This site allowed me to get started freelance writing! It was super easy to sign up and get started and pay is consistent and GOOD. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is interested in starting out with freelance writing


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