Garland, TX: Free Dumb Speech

Was what happened in Garland, Texas the site of a failed terrorist attack or simply a case where stupidity and lunacy came together? The answer to both is yes.

Any time one or more drive a thousand miles to a specified event with the intent to murder as many of the event’s participants, it is an act of terrorism. It’s terrorism when the killers just walk a block to do the same. So what happened in Garland when the city hosted a couple of hundred Charlie Hebdo wannabes was a specific attempt to kill people who came together to freely express their barbaric feelings about Islam and its founder, Mohammed. What two lunatics attempted to do, but failed thanks to the calm and expert shooting of one person, was totally unjustified but not unexpected. In fact, many believe the hosts hoped for such an attack.

Note, I have yet to mention the names of the two terrorists who were killed, just as I will not mention the names of the idiots who hosted this event. You see, while some want us to think this was an attack on our freedom of speech, I see this more as a reinforcement of our stupidity, something that is not protected in the Bill of Rights.

Only ignorant, uninformed, unenlightened, and just plain dumb adults gather together with the sole purpose of seeing whether or not they can illicit a terrorist attack on them. It takes a collection of village idiots to deliberately see who can insult another group’s religion the most as if they were hosting a celebrity roast of Mohammed.

This was not free speech being attacked. This was a collection of Larrys, Curlys, and Mo Fo’s sticking their artistic pencils into light sockets to see who could live to tell about it. The only ounce of common sense these ass clowns showed was paying ten thousand dollars for extra security, including the use of a SWAT team. My guess is this was their only option since none of these brain farts could pass a background check to own a gun, much less fire one. I guess even Texas has some standards for who can and cannot own a gun.

In case you were wondering, there are other items on this group’s bucket list you may want to know about just so you can avoid their fallout:

  1. Hold a Hitler Holiday parade in Hollywood, California.
  2. Chant, “Black lives don’t matter,” in downtown Ferguson.
  3. Convert closed up K-Marts into KKK-Marts.
  4. Open up a Domestic Violence Abusers Hall of Fame.
  5. Start a cable Gay Bashing Network.

How many nations, besides the U.S., allow citizens to freely express their thoughts in such blatantly stupid fashion and then give more credence to these mental midgets by allowing them on national television? We’re fine with someone standing in front of a cop after curfew and wearing a t-shirt that says, “Fuck the police,” but not okay when the cop pepper sprays him from point blank range. Am I the only person in this country who wonders how these people remember to dress themselves?

Our president speaks of finding ways to give people born into a disadvantaged life a better shot at making it in this world. I say we begin with a national IQ test and clean up our gene pool. Enough of this free range stupidity that seems to know no color, gender, or level of wealth, but manages to cause almost all of this nation’s strife. Ron White is right, “You can’t fix stupid,” but maybe we should consider snipping it so it stops breeding.

Imagine if we did this. There might only be enough talking heads for one network devoted to intelligent news coverage. Our schools, police forces, and all other services would be rid of the elements that bring them shame. Lunatics who try to buy elections might actually die off and politics could be returned to the levelheaded thinker who desires to do good. Reality television would be relegated to the archives of museums of natural history and our schools could return to being places that foster future greatness more than future felons.

But then there is this little thing we value and cherish more than anything else called freedom of speech that separates us from those who desire to create a super race of intelligent and like-minded people. It not only allows the cream of the crop to rise to the top, but is also what allows turds to float. And sometimes, in this crazy world of ours, it’s hard to distinguish between the two.