Fulton County Moves to Destroy Disputed 2020 Election Ballots

County Lawyers Want Attorney Fees After Losing in Georgia Supreme Court

ATLANTA —  Attorneys for Fulton County Georgia argued in the Fulton counterfeit ballot case yesterday that a temporary injunction to preserve the 2020 Fulton election ballots should be lifted, which would allow ballots to be destroyed before they are unsealed, copied and revealed to the public. They also argued Fulton should receive attorney fees for the case even after a Georgia Supreme Court overturned lower court decisions to confirm standing for the Plaintiffs who seek to copy and inspect the ballots.

Attorney Laura Moore argued on behalf of Fulton Superior Court Clerk Che Alexander, who was present in the courtroom, that there is no longer room in a secure warehouse cage for the ballots so they may now be destroyed. Attorney Moore withheld from the court facts that Fulton County just opened a new 60,000 sq. ft. Election Operations warehouse at nearly $30 million of initial cost and an additional $4 million annual lease for Fulton taxpayers.

Attorney Kaye Burwell argued that the county should receive attorney fees for costs incurred so far because Plaintiffs’ claims, which are still yet to be adjudicated, are “meritless”. Burwell ignored all rulings showing Plaintiffs in the case, currently known as Favorito v. Wan, were granted relief eight times thus proving their claims are legitimate. The rulings include:

  1. A temporary injunction to preserve all ballots on Jan. 7, 2021;
  2. An order to produce scanned absentee ballot images on April 16, 2021;
  3. An order upholding two Open Records Request claims on April 20, 2021;
  4. A motion granted to add the county and clerk as Defendants on April 21, 2021;
  5. An order to unseal the ballots for inspection and copying on May 21, 2021;
  6. An order granting Petitioners’ motion to add parties on June 24, 2021;
  7. A Georgia Supreme Court order confirming Plaintiffs’ standing claim on Dec. 12, 2022;
  8. An appeals court adoption of the higher order for Fulton plaintiffs on May 11, 2023.

Lead Plaintiff Garland Favorito added, “Watching the attorneys make such ludicrous, dishonest arguments with a straight face while seeking to destroy the ballots and charge us fees for winning arguments in court against them only serves to remind me of the massive Fulton County corruption that threatens the voting rights of every Georgian.”

Judge Robert McBurney is expected to rule soon on the motion for fees, the temporary injunction for the ballots and a Plaintiff motion to substitute Defendants with new members of the Fulton County Election Board who the court can compel to act if it grants further relief.

VoterGA is a non-partisan, 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization created by a coalition of citizens working to restore election integrity in Georgia. We advocate for independently verifiable, auditable, recount capable, transparent and tamper proof elections.




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