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Four reasons why content is still king

For a long time, digital experts like to trot out the mantra that content was king. That changed for a while as some experts decided that the audience was king or that the platform was the king. But ultimately things have come full circle in the digital universe and the ‘content is king’ mantra has returned, stronger than before. But why exactly is content so important? What is it about the content that makes it so relevant and what are the touchpoints and angles that have kept it in front of mind with users, advertisers and technology platforms alike? Here are a few reasons why content rules.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ask any SEO Australia company why content is king, and they will tell you that Google looks at websites to see what content appears there. The judge that content in terms of quality, originality, and regularity of update. It is a process that happens in milliseconds, every time that a search is performed, but the results, which are critical in terms of driving traffic to websites, are very strongly premised on the nature of the content that the site hosts. So, for any site that is hoping to derive a solid portion of its traffic from organic search, the content needs to be good.

Social Media

Good content works anywhere and one of the best places to see content spread is via social media. So, if you are publishing good content and you are looking to reach an audience, then producing content that can be shared across any number of platforms is a key to success. In this instance the platform is the queen, the content remains the king. In short, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others would be nothing but glorified global directories if it wasn’t for the content that was posted there – be it original content created by users or reposted content that has been created by publishers and content creators.

The toxic web

Quality content attracts a quality audience and in turn quality advertisers who are prepared to pay a premium. The reality is that respected publishers, who produce edited and objective content are seen as safe places for brands to place their products. Sites like Facebook can be quite toxic to all sorts of topics and language used. Comments cannot easily be moderated and so it is easy for the public to attack brands or to cast them in a bad light. In the safe space created by quality publishers, alongside reputable content, it is a much better place for brands to play.


Any fool can get a person to come to their website once. But turning a once-off visitor into a repeat is all about the quality of the content that appears there. So, having managed to win a new visitor, any website must focus hard on being able to deliver a winning experience to that user. And the best way to do this is the content. Be it articles or images or games or interactive touchpoints, it is the content of the website that is the most important and which will help it grow and go from strength-to-strength.

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