Flunky, flowery, lovable Portland with ducks galore

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My earliest memory of Portland, OR, is from my days on the Baltimore docks as a longshoreman. As a member of the ILA union, I recall in the late 50s working on ships and loading them with steel cargo at Bethlehem Steel’s Sparrows Point’s “High Pier.” The vessels, then headed for the West Coast of the U.S., via the Panama Canal. Portland was one of their ports of call. Sorry to say, the once-mighty Bethlehem Steel is no more. I have visited the city five times in the last three decades.

Recently, I spent four days there, mostly in its “Sunny Side” area from May 17th to the 20th. Of course, I went to Powell’s book store two or three times and had my daily coffee fix at a shop on Belmont near the Fire Museum. I attended an amazing concert of classical music at Portland State U. I also just loved checking-out the waterfront area, along the Willamette River; with its famed Steel Bridge.

I have a thing for the sound of trains! Then, there were the fabled “Oyster Bar” restaurant; the old “Laurelhurst” movie house; the splendid waterfalls just on the perimeter of Portland; along with all the lovely flowers and colorful ducks. Finally, Portland, you rock!

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The South Falls, with an inside and outside view, at Silver Falls State Park, OR, is featured in my video.