Five most popular SEO Trends in 2019

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According to researchers, Google is working hard and investing money to become the best service provider in the world. They are making a lot of changes in their Guidelines. As we know that, most of the companies are depends on SEO services. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking of your website in 2019, then the individual has to invest extra efforts in research. Make sure that you aren’t choosing any shortcut because they will directly ban your website. All you need to build own SEO campaigns.

According to Marketer’s Guide, whether you are running a business or commercial website, you have to make the use of right SEO Techniques only. With this article, we have listed the five most popular SEO Trends in 2019.

Mobile Index

It is one of the most complicated and New Techniques where an individual has to pay close attention. Mobile-First index means that Google will make the use of a mobile version of your website. They will index your page and will give you a particular rank. As per professionals, Search console will notify you about these criteria. Bear in mind that, an individual has to create a mobile and desktop friendly website. Ranking of your website depends on the Mobile or Desktop First indexing only.

All you need to create a responsive website. Google has been recommended that an individual shouldn’t create the same responsive page because it can be a confusing task for the crawlers. If you want to make the process easier, then an individual should use Mobile bot. For instance, website Auditor would be a reliable option for you. It is your responsibility to check following things such as-

  1. First of all, an individual must track the mobile pages and loading speed. Overall, an individual has to analyze the page speed Insights.
  2. Effective results, an individual must check the performance of a website in the mobile.

The speed of the Page

According to markets, if you want to create the visibility of your website, then the individual has to deliver top-notch UX to users. Most of the things depend on Desktop and Mobile page loading Speed only. During the July, Mobile page speed has become a ranking factor.

If you are concerned regarding your website, then the individual has to analyze the page speed insights. Make sure that you are analyzing for the desktop and mobile. After that, you will get a speed score. It will give you information, about your page and other things. For better results, an individual should ask for the optimization score. If you are finding any complicated issues in your website, then you should instantly fix it. For effective results, it is your responsibility to measure the performance of a website using Google crawl or Bot.

Reputation Of brand

According to Gary lllyes, Google is analyzing the brand mentions in each search algo. With the help of following things, Google will decide the rank of your website such as.

  • Firstly, they will check everything such as brand mentions, and Entity of your brand. Overall, they are smart enough to analyze the picture of your authority within a fraction of seconds.
  • Secondly, it is the most complicated step where they will analyze everything such as Reputation, trust, advertising, and many more things. With the help of context, they will learn everything such as Good and Bad of your website. According to professionals, the reputation of your brand will affect the ranking of your website.


No doubt, most of the people are receiving emails regarding GDPR and privacy policies. Are you familiar with GDPR? It is General Data protection that is completely based on the European Union. It will regulate everything on your website. If you want to see the correction reports, then you can ask from GDPR. Make sure that you are reading the rules and regulations report carefully otherwise you have to pay a fine that cost $20 only.

Bear in mind that, Regulation will create a negative effect on EU companies and customer experience. Overall, privacy policies will change after almost 26 months if you want then individual can change the data collection as per your requirements.


According to professionals, almost 56% of potential customers are available on the Amazon. If you want to attract a new customer, then the individual has to make Keyword research. Make sure that you are using industry wise research only. According to professionals, you may experience the biggest changes in 2019. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking of your website, then the individual has to pay attention to Amazon and GDPR’s. If you want to improve the ranking of your website, then it is quite an important thing for you. For more information, you should take the assistance of NYC SEO expert.

Moving further, it is your responsibility to improve the performance of your website. All you need to make a few changes in page speed and UX only.