Fifty Shades of sensual Tarot

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The hot and sexy best seller 50 Shades of Grey hits cinemas next February and it has already had a huge effect on women all over the world as they began to talk more openly about their sex lives, who their Mr, Grey would be and hit the sex shops, not to mention the baby boom it is said to have created.

With that in mind I would like to take this a stage further and add yet another twist to it. I will be talking about the links with sex, sensuality and the Tarot or as I call it “The Sensual side of the Tarot,” simply because, hidden deep within this ancient divination tool are symbols that clearly point to that side of our nature and lets face it, it is a big part of our life.

As the book indicated 50 shades, I am going to select the same number of Tarot cards and deliver information on them over the coming weeks so that you too can explore them along with me.

devil card

I thought I would kick this week off with the Devil card, which looks at old habits and patterns. However, it is also linked with bondage and for those of you who are into this type of thing, when this card shows up one of the elements it points to is the submissive element of sensuality and individuals who love to be bound and tied in the art of sexual pleasure.

It is deeply seductive and so what you think of, as your “hot steamy passion” just won’t cut it, as the person is looking for much more excitement and the opportunity to act out a role.

All of this is fine so long as, there are two consenting adults and there is no physical danger but, if one person wants this while the another is fighting against it then it becomes a sexual trap, a prison, that they long to escape from. This is where out with the old and in with the new comes into play, as they then need to look at discovering alternative ways of experiencing sexual pleasure together in a balanced way.

It can also be the guilty pleasure that an individual has where they secretly want this but, don’t want to admit to it and so — if a partner suggests it they surcome to the idea almost as if, “ok, you’ve twisted my arm,” but may secretly be thinking – result.

The Devil is about the habits that bind us and in this case, it can be a sexual addiction but what we need to bear in mind that, what one person deems an addiction another may think of as a high sex drive. We are all individuals and our wants and needs will be different and diverse at times, it’s a case of — whatever floats your boat I guess.

The Devil is not a card that links to suppressed urges — anything but. It is more about experiencing the depth of things. However, as long as it does not take over and begin to control your life, then that is fine.

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