Feminine salute to florals and leather

Bright lights, city that never sleeps, most iconic skyline, and some say it’s a place that has the best hand tossed thin crust pie, all describes New York City. Known as one of the most diverse and intriguing cities in the world. Not to mention, home of some of the most fascinating major league sports teams, that bring out millions of loyal fans. But more importantly, New York City is the Fashion Capital of the United States. Part of the global Big Four, including the beautiful Paris, London, and Milan. The birth of the New York Fashion week is where designers, buyers, bloggers, and thousands of people all merge together to get a glimpse of the greatest and most creative international collections.

Fashion week displayed 2017 trends ranging from bold stripes, preppy sailor jackets, to nude neutral garments.   This year at fashion week many designers had one trend in common “femininity.” What best describes being feminine other than an arrangement of rich florals? Fashion Designers painted the run way with an array of botanical colors. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Balenciaga all captured their own version of lady like designs using vibrant prints to create various signature pieces.

The blossoming prints on the runway implicate that spring is just around the corner. While the weather forecast may continue to call for winter gear, in the fashion world, the trend forecast trumps any and all projections when there is a determination of what attire is suitable to wear. Therefore, if a rule exist stating that, I should not pair leather and floral together. I am boldly and unapologetically breaking it.   I find contrasting rugged leather with a soft botanical print exciting, a little daring, yet effeminate.

Recently, I purchases this lovely jacket embroidered with flowers. I knew I had to have it. It was a perfect fit. As if it was custom tailored to fit my measurements, just waiting for me on the rack. Staring me down and calling my name.   I had to purchase it. I knew I could do so much with this jacket. This piece can be paired with distressed jeans or shorts, combined with a long skirt, or couple it with a dress with a pair of booties, or even maybe a light scarf for the breezy evenings.

The idea of taking something that is considered masculine and giving it a womanly feel by adding a feminine floral twist was a hit this fashion week. I am totally excited about many of the fashion trends. I have my top trends that I plan on trying this spring. I look forward to continuing to follow other styles that fits my taste, adding my own twist, and breaking any fashion rule that may put me in a box. Over all, New York Fashion week was a hit and women are embracing their true selves and allowing their very own definition of femininity, to not only show through their words, action, and grace, but also their attire.