Fashion Trade Shows: 10 Tips For Attracting Attendees To Your Booth

Attracting attendees to your booth is not an easy feat. Given the number of activities happening all at one place at the same time, it’s no wonder why people are going to extreme lengths and burning a hole in their pocket just to impress and capture everyone’s attention.

So to prevent you from spending a lot of money on your booth, we have listed a few tested ways to attract attendees.

Build Hype on Social Media

One of the best places to start is to inform people about your event. Using social media to generate buzz and start a conversation around your brand is a perfect way to attract more attendees to your booth. Apart from inviting people to attend the event, doing this also helps build hype and pre-event interest. With that, you can even have more foot traffic for your booth that is outside your niche.

Prearrange Meetings

This method is especially helpful for conventions and expos. As we all know, display booths are not only limited to trade show events. Businesses that offer services often participate in conventions as well. With that said, it is best to invite potential customers and prearrange meetings before the event. This way, you can present your services better to potential customers and effectively walk them through the services that you offer.

Pick the best location

Before securing your slot in any conventions or trade shows, we highly suggest you visit the venue and know more about the flow of the program first. This way, you would know which area has the most foot traffic and you can pick the best location to place your booth. Attendees might just walk past your booth and not bat an eye if you pick an awful location inside the convention center or hall.

Create a unique booth

We know this tip is really obvious, but it still bears repeating. Since you only have a few-second window to capture your audience’s attention, you should have an inviting and eye-catching booth that would stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that in trade shows and conventions, there are a lot of activities going on at the same time, so attracting attendees to your booth is not as easy as you might think.

Giveaway Free Stuff

If you have attended trade shows and conventions before, then you probably already know that some people just attend it for the free stuff. Even though mindlessly giving away free stuff would not necessarily convert audiences to buying customers, it is still a great way to attract more attendees to your booth. And once your potential customers see the flock of people inside your booth, they would be more interested to get to know your brand or products even more.             

Hire models

Apart from having a friendly staff inside your booth, hiring a brand ambassador agency is also an effective way to increase interest and foot traffic to your booth. Once attendees see how friendly and inviting your staff and models are, they will be more compelled to listen to what they have to say about your brand. On top of that, hiring models also make it a lot easier since you no longer have to train your in-house staff. They already know the standard protocols for events or trade shows like how to talk to customers, how to handle nuisance attendees, and others.

Offer something unique

Given that you are vying for people’s attention, the best thing you can do is to offer something unique and different. Something that your attendees want but also your competitors are lacking. For example, you can offer a charging site, Wi-Fi, massage chair, free food, and many more. These things might not be relevant to the products or services that you are selling, but they would surely help you gain more foot traffic for your booth.

If you’re wondering where you can make custom lanyards, there are various online platforms and specialized providers that offer customization services. By creating custom lanyards with your brand logo or message, you not only provide attendees with a practical accessory but also ensure that your brand is prominently displayed throughout the event, further enhancing your visibility and engagement opportunities

Organize contests

If you do not have the budget to offer the things that we have just mentioned above, then you can stick to the classic program every booth has had success on. Challenges and competition make every event or program fun and exciting. For the prize, you can just offer free samples of your product or even a trial of your services. No matter which prize it is, contests are guaranteed to attract more attendees to your booth.

Have other talking points

Other than your products, your staff or models in the booth should have a few tricks or topics up their sleeve. Given that your booth is probably already plastered with information about your brand or products, having other things to talk about with your potential customers would surely make your staff’s sales pitch a lot less boring.

Invite prominent people

Lastly, inviting prominent people is a surefire way to attract more attendees to your booth. Once you invite prominent or famous people to your booth, their fans or followers will automatically flock to the event and be more curious about your brand or product..