Fashion Mogul Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno Talks About Philanthropy

In the past, you have talked about the importance of financial education, could you please elaborate on this?

With pleasure, Many people reach adulthood without having any prior knowledge about financial matters. I would like to advise anyone listening to this who has the power to influence young people’s lives to focus more on educating them in business and finances. I hope we can gradually bring more of this fundamental knowledge into our schools. It’s a subject that everyone will benefit from and unlike some subjects, has real-life practical implications. If you have children, talk to them about the value of money and if you have experience of business don’t be discouraged to share this with them. Knowledge is king and I am very thankful personally for the experiences I had when growing up.

Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno

Where do you stand on technology in the modern world?

Well, I believe that technology can be used for good. We can use science to explain many things in the universe and we should use it whenever we feel it’s necessary. technology is the application of science to solve specific problems. I believe that the use of technology can help solve many of the world ills such as social inequality. As we advance, I would like to think that superior technology will arise which will help people the most in need. Inequality is something that I believe we together as a society should fight towards correcting. 

What does social equality mean to you?

Social equality implies the recognition of equality before the law. I just hold the simple belief that everybody deserves to have the same opportunities, regardless of race, gender or any other social background which has historically faced prejudice. Certain groups of the population or vastly underrepresented in society and this is due to social inequality. I would like to use my influence more in the future to help contribute to tackling these problems we face. I would love to help give someone an education that their parents couldn’t afford or help change the philosophy of some sections of society who don’t take related problems seriously enough. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is not an easy solution to all of these problems, but I believe we haven’t made as much progress as we should have. The advantages you gain from being born into a family who can provide you with a paid, private education is still phenomenal. Throughout my life I would like to see this change for the better and see people from more modest backgrounds be better represented in society in jobs we associate with power and success, just to give one example, a CEO who works for a world-famous company.

So, when you are not doing business, How do you spend your free time?

I love soccer and when I was younger I played for the Aviles team in Asturias, I still enjoy playing and I am a big admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo. I also am a big music fan, Drake, the Canadian singer is one of my favorites. You might have also seen if you follow any of my social media, my favorite places are Bubai and the Saona island, so when I can, I love to vacation in these destinations. I also love to jet ski and I intend to start my own jet ski business in the future.

You mention travel, is that something you can do often?

I actually used to have two travel blogs that I ended up selling to a colleague, If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel, then I recommend you do so as often as your lifestyle allows it. It truly broadens the mind and shapes your philosophy towards both life and business, My views have been influenced through my experiences across the globe.

Do you have any messages for lovers of your brand?

Of course, I am very grateful to anyone who purchases one of my products, especially people who continue to support the brand MARCOAHZ and take a keen interest in what we plan to do next. Besides showing my gratitude, I would also like to tell everyone to watch this space as there are many exciting projects that I am working on now that will hopefully come to the public eye very soon, depending on how quickly we return to some form of ‘normal’. COVID-19 has been a tough time for business owners, however, I am a person who likes to take whatever positives I can from a situation and I have used this period to reflect on what is most important to me and all the things I want to achieve with MARCOAHZ.