FanLogic has great investment potential

Way back in 1994, just 24 years ago a very driven and creative man in Seattle, Washington started a brand new company. His name is Jeff Bezos and his company was named Amazon. His idea was simple enough, let people buy pretty much everything from their computer and later even from their cell phones — let the whole world browse, shop and buy then Amazon would deliver.

Some people, in fact a whole lot of people, thought Jeff Bezos was crazy and his plan doomed to fail. Well we should be so crazy and fail as well as Mr. Bezos did because had you invested just $1000 in Amazon in 1994 that modest investment would be worth right around $240,000 today. Opportunities like that are very rare but when they do arise you really should get on it without delay. But where can you find the next Amazon? That is a reasonable question and I may have just discovered the answer.

Recently I became aware of, as of right now, a tiny little company by the name of FanLogic Interactive, Inc. They have developed a proprietary peer to peer referral platform that has already proven its value by providing highly effective digital promotion of a benefit football match and gala dinners in England. Jim Buckley, Head of the event said The Remembering Bally Gala and match attracted enormous interest. Fanlogic is the ideal partner for us to ensure the successful promotion and success of the events.

Fanlogic is a market leading digital promotions software company and creator of the FanLogic Connect platform. FanLogic provides brands with deep user data and advanced analytics and insights. Their innovations, technical savvy and true A-List management team has placed FanLogic in an enviable position of leadership in the future of brand development and brand consumer interface.

So whether you are a person seeking a rare opportunity in the market —vis-à-vis a still small company with genuinely massive potential — or you have a commercial entity that seeks further expansion through an exciting new technology, you really should spend a little time taking a closer look at FanLogic Interactive, Inc.

Oh in case you are wondering, yes indeed I have invested in the company because I really enjoy making money. But the only thing you need to invest is just a wee bit of time getting to know a bit more about FanLogic Interactive, Inc. and doing that is as easy as clicking on the link to their website: