‘Facebook isn’t worth dying for’

Dear Editor,

Facebook recently pulled down some posts from its website that it considered being possible
disinformation designed to interfere with our upcoming midterm election.  They believe the postings may have come from fake Russian accounts.  Most of the posts were geared to inspire protests from left-leaning Americans.  One post showed a photo of a yelling and obviously angry President Trump with a headline that called for the end of fascism.  Another post congratulated Los Angles for ending the celebration of Columbus Day.  This latest round of potential Russian shenanigans is “an absolute attack on our democracy,” according to Senator Mark Warner (D – VA).

Is it really?

I have heard seemingly rabid television pundits and politicians blathering on about President Trump
and calling him a fascist was among the more mild terms they used.  And it shouldn’t take the Russians to point out to us that we have mistreated American Indians in a horrendous manner throughout history, no matter how you view the celebration of Columbus Day.

While I am not sure if the latest Facebook concerns over Russian meddling should be classified
as “fake news” or just a weak attempt by the company at improving their cybersecurity image after their past debacles, I can say with absolute confidence that Senator Warner’s rhetoric is reckless at best and dangerous demagoguery at worst.

I think it is time that we stop equating phony Russian Facebook musings with an all-out war on
our Democracy.  If we don’t like what Russia is doing we can just stop wasting so much time scrolling on that mostly useless website.  Face it, Facebook isn’t worth dying for.

Sean Tully