Exploring the Best Pet-Friendly Stays in the US: Accommodations, Amenities, and Tips

As an avid traveler and pet lover, I’ve faced the conundrum of finding accommodations that are as welcoming to my furry friends as they are to me. It’s not just about finding a place that allows pets, but one that truly caters to their needs. With a rise in pet-friendly hotels across the US, it’s becoming easier to plan that perfect vacation with your four-legged companion. For those looking to stay in the Carolinas, Sonesta hotels with kitchen in Raleigh offer great options for a comfortable and convenient stay.

What Makes a Stay Pet Friendly?

When planning a trip with your furry companion, it’s critical to find accommodations that not only allow pets but also cater to their needs. Below, we’ll delve into the factors that distinguish a mere pet-allowing stay from a genuinely pet-friendly one.

Considerations for Accommodations

Accommodations vary greatly in the extent to which they cater to pets. Many establishments permit pets, but their policies often differ. Some hotels, such as Best Western, allow up to two domestic dogs per room, with a maximum weight of 80 lbs per animal. Other types of pets, such as cats, birds, or monkeys, are allowed at the discretion of each property, and require prior approval.

Most importantly, the policy should be consistent across all properties. For example, Staypineapple, a brand of 10 upscale boutique hotels located in various US cities, charges an additional fee for pets, providing extra pet packages that include essentials like water bowls, dog beds, and treats.

Extended Stay America underscores the notion that pets are part of the family. They allow a maximum of two pets per suite and charge a tax per day per pet to cover cleaning and fumigating costs. As the name suggests, this hotel chain is geared towards longer stays, making them an excellent choice for families relocating with pets.

Amenities Offered to Pets

Beyond toleration, truly pet-friendly accommodations provide amenities that make pets feel as welcome as their owners. These range from plush bedding to special treats.

Aside from the basic necessities such as food and water bowls and a place to sleep, some hotels go above and beyond, offering additional amenities. For instance, Staypineapple offers extra pet packages that include water bowls, dog beds, and treats.

Pet-friendly hotel brands may even offer extra perks like dog-walking services and pet sitting. These amenities ensure that pet owners can explore and enjoy their travel destination without worrying about their pets’ well-being.

Types of Pet Friendly Accommodations

Hotels and Inns

Notably, hotels and inns present diverse pet-friendly accommodations. A mention-worthy example is Staypineapple, an upscale boutique brand boasting 10 establishments located in city hubs like Boston, Chicago, New York City, Portland, Oregon, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. Pets are warmly welcomed at Staypineapple, albeit for an additional fee. The option to purchase extra pet packages, adding water bowls, dog beds, and treats, enhances the pet-friendly experiences here. Conversely, it’s pivotal to not overlook other brands’ pet policies. Citing Best Western’s pet policy demonstrates this quintessentially, as it indicates that pet friendly properties accommodate up to two domestic dogs per room, restricted to a maximum size of 80 lbs per animal. Acceptance of other pet types, such as cats, birds, monkeys, snakes, or other animals, is subject to the discretion of each property and requires prior approval. Therefore, it’s prudent to thoroughly scrutinize each property’s regulations.

Resorts and Spas

In addition to hotels and inns, resorts and spas join the pet-friendly stay catalog. For instance, Barrymore Hotel, situated on the Tampa Riverwalk, yields an ideal vacation spot for dogs and owners alike. Its perfect location and pet-loving staff distinguish it as a pet-accommodating resort. With a dog park right around the corner, there’s never a dull moment for your canine companion. Besides, resorts often provide collapsible dog bowls, facilitating outdoor enjoyment with your pup.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals offer another pet-friendly accommodation option. An essential aspect to remember while booking vacation rentals is that pet policies often vary by location. As with hotels and resorts, vacation rentals may impart restrictions regarding the type, number, and size of pets permitted. Comprehensive study of these policies can safeguard against unexpected challenges during your stay. A case in point, Homewood Suites by Hilton proudly announces 100% pet-friendliness across the US and Canada beginning January 2022. However, rules around fees and size limitations vary by property, highlighting the variances within a single chain. So, it’s instrumental to verify the pet policy chronicles before penning down your vacation plans. Doctrine permitting, vacation rentals can morph into ideal homes away from home, for your pets and you.

Whether you opt for a hotel, resort, or vacation rental, ample pet-friendly accommodations are at your disposal. Yet, it’s crucial to peruse the specifications of the pet policies employed by each property, ensuring a pleasurable trip for your pet and yourself.

Evaluating Pet Policies of Different Stays

When choosing a comfortable, pet-friendly stay, it’s important to delve into the minutiae of the pet policies upheld by different accommodations. I shall explore various parameters impacting these policies, ranging from restrictions on the size, breed, and number of pets to additional fees and well-equipped amenities.

Restrictions on Size, Breed, and Number of Pets

It’s crucial for pet parents to gain clarity on a property’s stance regarding the size, breed, and number of pets allowed. Many places, like Best Western, allow a maximum of two domestic dogs per room, each no heavier than 80 lbs. Conversely, other pets, such as cats, birds, monkeys, or snakes, require prior approval. In effect, this may imply that unique pets like a bullmastiff or a monkey, akin to Ross from Friends, might need to stay back unless advance consent is secured.

Additional Fees and Deposits for Pets

Cognizance of the financial implications is another essential part of the puzzle. A majority of stays, like the Staypineapple chain or Barrymore Hotel, demand an additional fee for pets. Some offer for purchase, pet packages including extras like water bowls, dog beds, and treats. Typically, stays also designate specific rooms for guests with pets, often charging an additional fee or deposit. This cost parameter isn’t linear and tends to vary considerably from one property to another.

Accessibility of Pet-Friendly Areas and Services

Finally, what truly culminates an enjoyable, pet-friendly stay is easy access to helpful amenities and services. Downtown San Diego’s Pendry offers a pet-loving ambiance with dog beds and bowls waiting for your return from an adventurous day of paddleboarding with your furry friend at Aqua Adventures. Similarly, the Barrymore Hotel, perched on the Tampa Riverwalk, is a stone’s throw away from a dog park. In addition, its proximity to green spaces like the sunny Riverwalk and pet-friendly fun like a BYOB boat cruise on the Tampa Bay Fun Boat lends it a perfect pet-friendly aura.

However, it’s important to note that it’s usually disallowed to leave your pets unattended in the rooms. Hence, planning pet-friendly activities, like a stroll in the park or a boat ride, is advisable. Furthermore, if the thought of leaving your pet alone even for a short period seems daunting, consider deploying a pet camera to keep tabs on your furry companion.