Expanding Your Reach: Daymond on Demand Reviews the 3 Best Alternative Ways to Produce Content

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You blog and you post on social media – what more can you do? A lot, actually.

*This post is not affiliated with Daymond on Demand – reviews and opinions in this piece are the writer’s alone.

I’m a lifelong business policy enthusiast, and Daymond on Demand reviews of training has given me fantastic strategies and insight. Here’s my interpretation and review of some of the concepts and solutions I’ve learned in the courses.

Content production is critical to success in today’s market. While businesses of yesteryear may only have had to generate ad copy and the occasional newsletter, companies today must produce massive amounts of original content, almost on a daily basis. However, blogs, white papers, articles, and social media posts may not be enough to differentiate you from your competitors or cut through the noise of the massive amount of existing content online. Here are additional resources and strategies you can exploit that may get your expertise and brand message broadcast effectively.

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are unique and engaging content solutions that have the benefit of being consumable in diverse settings. Audiences can avail themselves of your content while working, driving, exercising, or doing household chores. While podcast content may require a higher budget than a blog or social media posts, they have very high public relations value, and are extremely effective in raising your thought leadership status.

2. Case Studies

Case studies are analytical reports of the effect of your deliverables on your clients. They are excellent informational resources about both your industry and your services. They are essential in B2B marketing, but are also very useful for building your brand’s reputation even if you’re targeting the broader consumer market. Original research is also great for optimizing your search engine rankings.

3. Videos

Video tutorials, seminars, and e-learning modules are great tools for giving your audience valuable information in an entertaining and engaging format. Like podcasts, they offer invaluable public relations opportunities, because they allow the public to connect with the people behind your brand in a meaningful way.

Standard online content is clearly highly beneficial for reaching prospective consumers, but the above strategies allow you to flex your creative muscles and effectively position yourself as an industry thought leader.

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